Comcast might boost its wireless service by a partnership with Sprint.

According to some previous week reports Comcast is going through discussions with Sprint to have a partnership. Comcast is trying to have a Partnership with this company to increase the performance of its wireless internet service.

Based on the report made by Wall Street Journal, Comcast and the Charter, both are in continuous separate discussions with Sprint to work jointly to improve their wireless service.They are in discussion for this from last two months, and the proposal might come to an end by the month of July this year.

The Comcast and Charter have not given any official statement about this proposal to Sprint and are also denying to this report for their discussion with Sprint. It is evident that Comcast is trying to boost its wireless network service as the Comcast recently renewed its license for Mobile Virtual Network Operator and released its new Xfinity mobile service.

Comcast has made many investments to bring up its wireless service. Recently Comcast purchased a spectrum for 600 MHz from Federal Communications Commission with the highest bidding price of $1.7 billion. This investment would also prove to be the most useful one as Comcast always invests in right things and at the genuine price for every service it requires.

If Comcast becomes successful in having a partnership with Sprint, then it might introduce the 5th generation high-speed internet to all of its users. Comcast will launch this high-speed service initially at a very reasonable price to encourage more people to join them. Thus as a result of this partnership, Comcast will be able to deliver the best wireless service, and the user base will also increase gradually. Comcast and Charter have their fiber network that will become plus point for attracting Sprint in favor of saying yes to this partnership.

Sprint is looking for a solution to improve the connections and reduce the amount of congestion on the direct links from the primary network and the connection between the other secondary network nodes.Thus this deal between Comcast and Sprint is also beneficial to the Sprint as it can improve its cable service with the use of Comcast’s fiber networks. Sprint has an opportunity to have a discussion with Comcast to either have a contract or to lend their fiber network for its cable broadcasting.

Thus this deal is not only beneficial to Comcast, Charter, and Sprint but is also useful to the people who are using their service as if these companies come into a partnership contract then the level of services will also increase. But nothing is sure as the Comcast has not yet declared anything officially about this. Thus you need to wait for any official statement on this, so keep watching the other upcoming updates on it.

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