Reading Word Documents And PDF On Amazon Kindle: How To Do It?

It is possible for the Kindle users to read word and PDF documents on their new Amazon Kindle. If they are not being able to do so, then they go simply go to www Kindle com support and know what the problem is.

As we know we can buy books and e-books on kindle as they are free or paid. Kindle also has variety of features such as a variety of support all firmware and software updates as well as various features such as apps for kindle and upcoming kindles have inbuilt camera. Amazon Kindle support also extends to audible and mp3 files so that we can listen to audio books purchased from kindle.

Additionally we can read word documents and PDFs on kindle by side loading them such as mentioned in Kindle help.

Various ways of side loading:

As suggested by official Kindle website, there are various official ways in which we can side load pdf s and word files into kindle, which we will discuss ahead. Kindle Fire support allows us to buy a book, an e-book from a local website online and on the dialog of send to kindle, we have to click, login with amazon account as used in kindle and then we can send that book from that website to our kindle. Also, as local libraries lend us books for a few days in same way we can lend books from local e-libraries and for that specific period of time we can read those books in our kindle.

As mentioned on Kindle com support or, every kindle has a unique email address assigned to it and we can find that address in settings section and send files such as word files and pdfs on that email and when our kindle will next time connect to the internet we will be able to read those documents on our kindle thanks to those emails. Just in case there is a difficulty in finding specified email we can contact on Amazon customer service phone number tell them device number and they will assist us to determine the email id of our amazon kindle.

Just in case if we want to avoid all methods which require help of amazon support or Amazon phone number representatives, we can stick to older methods and go for USB transfers. Majorly all amazon kindles support transferring copy right and DRM free books and word files to kindle which Is generically known as Side loading to laymen. Those books, word documents and PDF s which are not under any copyright signature can be transferred to our kindle devices easily using USB and then after restarting older models as well as on the go in real time in newer models, our side loaded books are shown in kindle library.

There is an app by the name of ‘Send to kindle app’, which is another way to send books to kindle. Benefit of this ‘send to kindle app’ is that even if we send unsupported formats they will be converted to kindle support one on the fly or instantly as those files are going through an app driven by protocols designed according to amazon kindle.


So following were the ways in which we can side load our books and word documents to kindle and they require very less or none support from executives both online or on phone and are very easy to use for laymen. Amazon has made a great effort in making their software and hardware experience a breeze for laymen users so that there is no problem in handling kindle.

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