Facebook is a perfect place to make new friends or get old buddies back in touch with you. It is very easy as well to search for a friend and send a friend request to surprise him or her. It is quite simple to use this feature and send a friend request to someone well known to you. It is effortless to use, but won’t ensure you that you will receive a response. If you are facing trouble and unable to add new friends, then there may be various reasons for that and you need to check them appropriately so that you can get rid of this dilemma. Ordinarily, you have to wait for a little bit and most probably you will get a reply and acceptance of your request as well. There are very few cases when you try to send a friend appeal and it doesn’t reach your friend and you are pondering why your friend is not responding. In a few situations, at times your friend request will not move further because it is blocked from your end. Therefore, you need to alter those settings and you will come to know how you can do it when you read further.

Facebook Account

Changing Settings Of Your Facebook Account

You need to click on the right most corner of your Facebook account first of all. Therein you will find different alternatives. You need to go down and require looking for an option “Account Settings”. Once you get it, then you need to enter via clicking on it. There are general settings which you don’t need to touch and have to look for privacy setting and have to click on the same. There you will further find several options like who can send you a friend request and who cannot. If you choose everyone, then anyone can ask you to be a friend of yours, but if you limit them, then you will have limited options to receive a friend request. Therein you will find one more choice when you enter the account settings blocking option and you need to check by clicking on the same. You will find a list of people you blocked previously and also an alternative to block more if you want. If you have blocked a friend there and trying to send a friend request, then you cannot do that since that person is blocked from your side. Therefore, you need to check the other settings accessible there and make sure that you haven’t chosen any setting which restricts you to go for limited friends and you cannot add new friends because of it. You can find a few difficulties that are faced by other Facebook users and may be helpful to you https://m.facebook.com/help/211926158839933/.

Another Helping Hand Option You Can Also Consider

It is best to join a community of Facebook so that you can be aware of the problems and solutions as well, that are faced by other people worldwide.

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