Floral Spring Garden Ideas

Warm days and comfortably cool evenings, this is why spring is such a beautiful time of the year to spend outdoors. It is also the perfect time for those of you who cherish gardening to enjoy the seasonal bloom. With attractive outdoor garden design ideas you can further enhance the wonder and beauty of spring season.

The beauty of a flower garden surrounding you while you enjoy your first sip of morning tea can sound heavenly. Furniture and flower beds are natural complements so grow flowers all around your seating area to create a colourful garden all around. Use cushions and pillows in colours that match the colour of the flowers to create a beautifully blended landscape. If your outdoor space consists of only a patio or balcony, there is no need to feel let down. Planters on rolling trays are a great space saving small outdoor design idea to grow flowers, veggies and herbs in your own little space.

Come spring and birds are bound to come calling in your garden. If you want to enjoy the sight and sounds of birds around you, place a bird feeder in the centre of the garden to act as both a decorative accent piece as well as to draw these flighty creatures into your little heaven. Even a beautiful water fountain situated in the middle of the walkway can be a joy to behold. Float flowers and petals in the water fountain to keep the spring floral garden design idea alive throughout the décor.

The best way to enjoy the floral beauty is to spend a leisurely evening preparing and eating meals outdoors. Place flower urns in groups of three around the barbeque area to create a perfect natural spring setting. A colourful ceramic bowl of fresh flowers on the table can act as a beautiful centrepiece as you enjoy a fresh barbequed meal.