Banila Co Cushion

Banila Co Cushion

Banila Co Cushion

Banila Co Cushion is a cushion compact with a high coverage, medium to full-coverage and a long lasting formula that provides protection against UV rays. It has a soft matte finish that gives you an instant glow!

This Cushion is infused with the brand’s signature mineral brightening complex, which works to brighten your complexion while helping to protect your skin from harmful UV rays.

The cushion also contains anti-aging ingredients such as rice bran oil and pro vitamin B5 which help protect and moisturize your skin while giving you a natural matte look!

It has a unique sponge-like material that absorbs oil, sweat and sebum without drying out your skin.

Banila Co Cushion features a unique sponge-like material that absorbs oil, sweat and sebum without drying out your skin. This allows the skin to retain its natural moisture, which is essential for maintaining healthy skin.

The cushion contains 24-hour anti-wrinkle essence that keeps your skin hydrated all day long. The essence is infused with an exclusive complex that contains collagen, ceramide and hyaluronic acid to help retain moisture.

Banila Co Cushion Review

Banila Co Cushion is a popular Korean cushion foundation. It comes in 3 shades and it has a very light and fresh scent. The packaging is adorable!

It comes with an air puff to apply the product evenly on your skin.

The cushion is really easy to use, you just have to tap the sponge on top of the cushion and then pat it on your face. The coverage is medium but buildable if you need more coverage. The finish is semi-matte, it doesn’t have any shimmers or glitter particles in it which makes it perfect for oily skin.

This cushion foundation has a matte finish

The Banila Co Cushion This cushion foundation has a matte finish and a light-medium coverage. It’s perfect for oily skin, but it’s also good for dry skin. This cushion foundation is ideal for everyday use, especially if you’re looking for a lightweight coverage. You can use this as a base or wear it alone if you want to go au naturale.

This cushion foundation is said to have an air-light texture that delivers medium coverage without feeling heavy on the face. It contains snail mucin filtrate and hyaluronic acid which helps keep the skin moisturized and nourished throughout the day.

Banila Co Cushion Review

Banila Co Cushion is a cushion foundation, which is a type of liquid foundation that’s applied with a special applicator and then patted into the skin with your fingers.

The cushion applicator comes in two parts: the top part holds the product and acts as a sponge, while the bottom part has holes in it and holds water that you can use to moisten your skin before applying the product.

This particular cushion foundation comes in three shades: light beige, natural beige, and sand beige. The lightest shade is designed for people with fair skin tones; the medium shade for those with medium skin tones; and the darkest shade for those with tan or dark skin tones.

The ingredients include:



Snail mucin filtrate

The cushion comes with two different types of applicators

Banila Co. Cushion comes in two different types of applicators: the normal puff and the sponge tip applicator. The normal puff is like any other cushion applicator. It’s soft and easy to use on your face without irritating it or leaving marks on your skin.

It’s also very easy to clean after use so you don’t have to worry about cleaning the puff before putting it back into the container.

The sponge tip applicator is a little bit different from the normal puff because it has a lot more coverage than just one layer of foundation would give you with the normal puff applicator!

You can easily apply 2–3 layers of foundation onto your face with this sponge tip applicator and get great coverage at the same time!

Banila Co Cushion Ingredients

The ingredients include:



Titanium Dioxide (CI 77891)

Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate

Zinc Oxide (CI 77947)


Banila Co Cushion Price

$ 30 USD

Where to buy: Banila Co official site, Amazon, Walmart

It helps you achieve a flawless, poreless and luminous complexion.

The Banila Co Cushion is a moisturizing, pore minimizing, and perfecting cushion that helps you achieve a flawless, poreless and luminous complexion.

This cushion is formulated with the patented ‘Triple Sebum Control System’ which helps reduce excess sebum while providing hydration to the skin. The formula also contains natural ingredients to help brighten and even out skin tone.

The cushion helps you achieve the following benefits:

Flawless complexion

Moisturized and hydrated skin

Conceals blemishes

The coverage lasts all day without fading or breaking up

It’s time to say goodbye to the days of smudged, faded and uneven makeup. With Banila Co Cushion coverage lasts all day without fading or breaking up.

It’s an innovative formula that combines the benefits of a BB cream with the flawless application of a foundation. The lightweight formula is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

This product contains green tea extract, which helps prevent signs of aging and protect your skin from environmental stressors like pollution and UV rays.

The cushion applicator allows you to precisely apply the product without wasting any product or having to worry about streaks or lines on your face. The best part? You only need one step!

Banila Co Cushion How to use

To use, apply the cushion evenly over your face and neck in circular motions. To achieve a flawless finish, blend out any excess product on the back of your hand or with a brush before applying it to your face again.

Buy Banila Co Cushion

To buy Banila Co Cushion, use the following links:

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It has moisture surge complex

The main reason why many people choose to use Banila Co Cushion is because it gives them an airbrushed look without having to put on much makeup.

Many people have complained that they have oily skin and do not like to wear powder on their face because they feel that it makes their skin look cakey, but with this product, you will not have to worry about that anymore!

This product helps seal in moisture so that your skin has a more natural glow, which makes it perfect for those who have dry skin as well as those who have oily skin!


We highly recommend it for anyone who wants a no-fuss, affordable cushion that provides decent coverage and simple application. Plus, the case is unique and convenient, too.

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