It’s that time of year when Matt Taubman emerges from his 51 week hibernation and stalks the halls and rooms of SXSW to burn all before him.

It’s also the time of year when the whole of Team One realizes how funny a writer he is:

Those of us lucky enough to attend #SXSW run for cover and monitor our twitter accounts for the incoming roasts:

It’s not just his fellow colleagues from the agency that are in his cross hairs, he also bites the hand that feeds him — or in this case pours…

I want to be wowed. I want a sense of magic in my life. I want, simply, to be amazed.

Many of us feel this way, and this basic human desire has given rise to incredible new “realities” — such as virtual, augmented and mixed reality — that have recently made unprecedented strides. Still, skeptics believe this technology is just the latest marketing fad.

Full disclosure: I am a virtual reality evangelist who pioneered an experimental VR lab at my advertising agency. But years of zealotry and experience have led me to develop keen insights. I’m here to tell you…

Alastair Green

I am the Exec Creative Director@TeamOneUSA. Married to @kaylam. My views are my own unless they are Kayla's.

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