The Unspoken Power of Positive Thinking

A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty. ― Winston S. Churchill

Whether you believe me or not, you are responsible for your own happiness.
Optimism is the key, Pessimistic is the lock.
You are responsible for the opening and closing of your happiness.
I never consider you having being dejected. I find it hard to believe you when I heard the word "I can't succeed" coming out of your actions.
You that has the full potential to make it a success was now enchanted by that pessimistic nature.
I wonder why?

Positive thinking and negative thinking are brothers just like integration and differentiation. It’s either you take a step forward to that caring optimism or you fall behind to that lousy pessimism.
I now see why Wiston Churchill said "a pessimist see difficulty in every opportunity; an optimistic see the opportunity in every difficulty".
It’s not because the pessimist is lazy; it was the optimistic who give more time to analysis.
Why analysis? Yeah! May be you never really consider it. You only thought of happiness; you never really care why and what it takes to be happy.
Without any further ado, I hope to plant the seed in a fertile land.

9 Techniques Of Positive Thinking

1. Identify the problem

2. Take a creative approach to the issue

3. Suspend judgment and generate ideas

4. Come up with a variety of ideas

5. Categorize and prioritize Ideas

6. Analyze the past experiences and come up with possible solutions

7. Be logical, Refer to the past experiences of similar situations

8. Evaluates different solutions

9. Choose the best possible solution to the problem

― Norman Vincent Peale

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Now back to the main topic ― 4 Unspoken Power Of Positive Thinking.

After coming out of the examination hall few years ago, I was so confident that I would pass and even dashing the examination board 11 minutes out of 30 minutes given.
I was swept away with my assurance of success that I could not even check my answers again before clicking on the submit box.
Just at the front of the examination I clearly remember all my mistakes without anyone telling me, but it is impossible to correct them again
I thought of my failure over and over again. Was this not the power of optimism? Or is it over-confidence?.
No! It was not the power of positive thinking. It was a failure as a result of overconfidence.

3 Powers Of Positive Thinking You Should Know

Positive Thinking is a mental attitude characterized by the hopeful view of something.
This post will be helpful to you about the power of positive thinking. It will motivate you not to be pessimistic.

1. Optimism Builds Self-confidence

Have a strong believe in yourself! Be sure of your abilities! Never let the word "fuck-off" frighten you. Don't ever surrender when there is still power.
Don't ever feel inferior, but let self-confidence be your guiding dog. Exercise optimism and drive yourself to an unimaginable success.
It is not possible to be self-confident at every time, but you know what, positive thinking will pave way for you.
Self-confidence makes you face your difficulties without fear. It inspires you to continue moving even when the storm of problems is shocking.
Although research shows that self-confident people speaks slowing, but I'm not telling you to do that ― be yourself. Even though you are a guest speaker; self-confidence will make all your sentences clear, hard and effectively.
Self-confident people easily overcome anxiety. They take time to analyze their problems.
Over-confidence and Self-confidence are two parallel lines. They are different. 
Just like the story earlier, I was defeated owing to over-confidence. If it was self-confidence, I would not have been so much defeated.

2. Positive Thinking Nurtures Excellency

Succeed even when others fail. Running even when others felt tired. Fighting even when all team members had retreated. Excellency!
Positive Thinking brought up excellency. The self confidence that you will succeed is usually rewarded with excellency.
Excellency is on about the power of positive thinking you never knew about. You are able to Identify your problem with the embedded self confidence.
Also, it creates an avenue to analyze your problem and find necessary solution.
Be you a student, entrepreneur, blogger, artisan, and civil servant, positive thinking is the only solution to be successful. Count optimism as your daily medicine and see success flowing to you.
Positive thinking gives you the insight of hopefulness about your success. It makes you understand the humility a self confident man must have, not to be overconfident.
Optimism provides the necessary tools you need to improvise in order to produce an excellent result.
Positive thinking exhorts you and make you an outstanding blogger. It makes you come up with a better blogging ideas which your audience will consider helpful.

3. Positive Thinking Is Invigorating & Healing

Consider you falling and still rising up because of the vision you have. Positive thinking creates goals for you here by giving you reason to still stand. 
With such a description, optimism heals. It covers your scars with the hope of finding a better soft body care.
Optimism is invigorating ― it gives you mental energy to tackle any problem. It makes you stable.
You can't expect yourself succeeding in this dangerous world with positive thinking. Sometimes you feel like withdrawing because of your current situation. If optimism is there, forget it! You will stand.

Let Optimism be your active word. Make yourself comprehend the techniques of optimism if you care about its power.
Positive Thinking is helping me as I'm growing to understand it better. I also hope it will help you.

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