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In the quote-to-cash, CPQ world, it is very important that you determine which solution is best for your company and products that you sell. A CPQ solution will be configuring your complex product and pricing offering, and then delivering a branded quote to your customers. Two big players in the CPQ space are Salesforce and Apttus. Both are package-based solutions built on platform. Below is a point of view for one vs the other, based on our Slalom team with sales and delivery experience of both the solutions:

Ease of Use

Both Salesforce and Apttus CPQ end users are Salespeople and the goal is to provide salespeople with the tool that is easy to use so they spend most of their time selling. With that in mind, both solutions provide similar capabilities in terms of product and pricing configuration, guided selling, quote life cycle, mobile solution, and other tools to deliver quotes to your customers. …

Hema Amirineni

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