Hemal Jhaveri Businessman of Lone tree City

Hemal Jhaveri –

The Lone Tree’s well-known businessman

Hemal Jhaveri is a very great businessman of Lone tree city, also an adventurer. He really loves thrill very much, so he has had a very interesting adventurous life so far. Here are some of the special thing he has done. He founded SofTec in 1996 and played a pivotal role in its growth and strategic direction. In 2002. If you are not so familiar with this man, read on!

Prior to finding SofTec, he was the Chief Information Officer at Echo Star, where he played a key role in building the foundation and infrastructure for their IT department and deploying business applications to support its satellite television business. Hemal Jhaveri is a very hard working person.

In 1996 he was founded SofTec Solution Company in Lone tree, Mr. Jhaveri has over twenty-five years of computer and information technology experience. Mr. Jhaveri redirected SofTec’s focus to the Public Sector and formed two divisions within it — one focused on IT services and Operations and Management work and the other on Enterprise Solutions.

Mr. Hemal Jhaveri is one of the richest businessmen in the Lone tree, Colorado but he is quite down to earth and cares a lot about people. He writes his staff a letter every month and had a big party for them every year. I think one of the causes of his success is the way he treats his staff. He is friendly to his staff and treats them as his friends. He isn’t like other bosses who order his staff to work for him.