The Journey continues in the outside and inside world both

2 weeks back I got an email, it was an Invitation from the #MinistryOfElectronicsAndIT and #TDIL [Technology Development for Indian Languages] for inviting me to speak at a workshop on ‘Digital Publishing with the objective to ‘Catalyse E-content in Regional Languages’.

Though happy with the opportunity given & with the idea of contributing to the department that works for #India itself, it was also daunting at the same time ; especially as it is a big responsibility and also cause I am still working on my skills as a speaker [majorly cause I have too high expectations from myself, I remember this from my last few speaking assignments & this pressure was actually killing me and I wanted to do something about it].

The Journey inside:
I always used to think that once I am very confident at something then I will do it. For Instance, once I feel…. that I am confident about speaking and I feel I can be really good and different, I will do proper justice to it. And it is logical too. But what it did is that it postponed my journey many times [So I made it work when I was invited at places, but things got postponed when I wanted to start a social media workshop for entrepreneurs or for authors for example] and at times so much that I didn’t end up doing that thing for long or at all.

I wanted to breakthrough & grow above this. Hence these are 2 things I understood during the journey:

1. Progression is better than Perfection: I was anal for perfection. [I wanted to be perfect, I wanted that workshop to be unique and the best, basically I had really really high expectations and that hindered my progress] 
Now I am aware that : It’s rather good to be progressive than perfect. [It doesn’t mean I should not try to be unique, but I should try to be more progressive.]

2. Speak more: I felt once I am ready from inside, I will do something, so in this case once I feel confident that I can speak, I will speak.
Learning for me: It’s actually the other way around once I start speaking more I will be more confident.

With these two insights and learnings I was pressure free, was better prepared, was trying interesting techniques & infact delivered a presentation where I could really give and achieve the objective and the audience reciprocated with good feedback too :)

The major change after going through the above journey was that I was more happy & stress-free (this time even before the workshop rather than the normal times…. when I am happy … but only after I have delivered.)

Now am back to the journey with new challenges and new things to learn and achieve everyday and am grateful to the good people around me either in my personal life or at Oktobuzz who have always been an integral part of this Journey called life.

P.S: If you have reached till here, I must thank you for taking the time to read about my journey :) :)