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“A real man makes his own luck” — Billy Zane, Titanic

When you study the autobiography of your role-model you get to know of a story. A personal story of their hardships, of their love and of their passion. A story which captivates and inspires us.This is the story you need to write your own success. Without which you would never achieve success or even enjoy it, in its true essence. This is the only ingredient for a life of creativity, you get hurt, you fall, you rise and you walk again. Never ever giving up on the path you laid out for yourself.The idea is never to be scared of the unknown. For mystery brings beauty and vitality in our being. It aspires us to push our ideals even higher and work a little more everyday to achieve them.

Every time I watch Titanic, I make sure I hear this sentence repeatedly. Why? Not because of its manchastic tone and temperament but because it holds so true for everyone who chooses to believe.

We are fortunate enough to be living in a day and time when individualistic valour is at its best. We are well-connected, well-travelled, well-read and well-aware of things which affect us and which don’t. In fact, it won’t be wrong to say we are controlling our own passion, fuelling our own dreams and are masters of our own destiny.

I strongly believe that our world is full of possibilities and opportunities. Everything is within our reach and all we need to do is just be ‘ready’, be ‘available’ for life to happen, at our doorstep.

To be successful or simply ahead of your game, i have realized simply this one thing — give up day-dreams, work on them! For instance, I wouldn’t wait for that one phone call to offer me my dream job. Instead, I would approach the employer and if I am lucky enough to be given five minutes of his, I will make a lasting first impression. Or, I will communicate in the best way possible via a digital medium, like e-mail or chat to grab the job/role I so want.

Write your own success story

There are many people we idolize and try and be like them in our daily life. Have you ever wondered what makes successful people successful? Apart from having some great skill, interpersonal charm, unmatched charisma and humble attitude it’s their — Will to succeed.

At first your role model may sound just like you. But when you know them better you realize they have a burning passion towards their craft. They have an undying spirit to toil when everyone gives up on them. They have a lightning self-believe in themselves.

Behind all the glitter and glamour is a thunderous spirit which pushes them to compete with themselves. They have not depended on good luck to knock at their doors. Instead they have earned their own fortune, in order to fulfil their dreams and be accepted by everyone.

Triumph is a sum total of a life of hardship you dedicate to reach the top and stick their, for as long as you wish to.

Real beauty lies in taking tiny steps each day, keeping just one thing in mind — your goal is achievable and you are the creator of your own path. Everything else will sort out from there. When you fuel your passion, no matter how it is received gives you the confidence and strength to after them. Only this is pure happiness, blended in true human freedom.

Waiting for luck to manifest itself is like waiting for that bonfire on the beach to light itself up. Which I don’t think is what you really think is possible. You know yourself and you have to create that ‘big break’ for your abilities to rise and shine.

Failure will be present at all times in the process. But real failure is waiting and not trying at all. When you fail you will learn. With learning will come more wisdom to go for it again, this time in a different way. So, actually, we have nothing to lose. Failure is powerless. It can only halt us for a while but not take the enthusiasm away from us.

Always remember, “Luck is a matter of preparation meeting opportunity” — Oprah Winfrey

So, chart your own way to meet and greet your luck.

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