Best Software Development Companies in New Jersey

Looking for a good, if not the best, custom software development company in New Jersey can be a painful job. As an organization, you will need to scrutinize a company on various criteria before you finalize the one to develop a long-term relationship. Few of the challenges you might encounter is to understand their ability to work on challenging verticals, adopting latest technologies, delivering cost-effective solutions and providing a long-lasting support. To help you short-out the things, here is a quick list that you can rely on.

Custom software development companies in NJ, US

Cygnet Infotech

The New Jersey based custom software development company offers innovative and personalized technology services. With over 800 skilled developers, Cygnet Infotech LLC offers best-in-class Software Product Engineering and Mobile App development services. For over 17 years, they have invested heavily in perfecting a global delivery model to provide faster, scalable and cost-effective solutions.

Azati Corportation

Since 2001 Azati design and develop software for clients in a diverse set of industries including insurance, life sciences, media & entertainment, education and finance. They offer consulting services for IT projects and focus on close collaboration with their clients.


OCSICO is a professional and reliable software development services provider delivering exceptional, cost-effective outsourcing solutions. They offer project-based software development and also set up dedicated teams and offshore departments. OCSICO deliver services that enable their customers to achieve their goals and maximize business success.

Sunflower Lab

Sunflower Lab focuses on delivering an innovative, value business solution with the high-performance software product and our services. Along with providing custom software product, they deliver best CLOUD systems integration, application development, and managed services.

Miles Technologies

Miles Technologies brings a full-service approach to the table when it comes to services and solutions. Clients can expect to gain access to a wide variety of strategic, design, and design resources when collaborating with Miles Technologies. The company brings several decades worth of cumulative project experience across over a dozen industry verticals.

After years of efforts these companies has established themselves as technology leaders in New Jersey region. Their ability to cope-up with the change helped them to sustain. It helped them to understand market conditions better than anybody in the industry making them the best custom software development companies in NJ and across the globe.