I’m getting married!! When will I get married?? I am definitely getting married this year.

A regular day starts in my house with dad blaming my mother for not marrying her daughter. Cousins and Facebook friends, College seniors and juniors, School seniors and juniors are married with more than one kid. My parents, though supportive of my study and career aspirations, are not able to swim in a society where they have a daughter who has crossed the ‘marriageable’ age.

So coming to ‘marriageable’ age, what’s is the correct age of marriage? Some say before 25 or some say before 30 or may be when you have actually got any anonymous proposal from ANDROID APP or when your truly concerned relatives keep on hovering with the world’s best match proposals from nowhere at your place.

My Story is no different than any other girl who has been raised in a family with the moral values of listening to parent was the only rule to be followed. I did what I was supposed to do. Imagining my Mr. Right in Greek God’s Avatar and taking me away on a white horse. Yeah, I did fantasize my guy to come and just take me away as this was the only thing I kept on hearing soon after I graduated from my college.

Dreaming about my marriage and my future guy, was so much visible in my most of the thoughts and chats, that most of the people found me desperate for marriage. Was I??? Well, NO. I didn’t see anything else apart from this topic that was discussed over and over again in my family. I am born in a family where my parents and extended family are well educated and acquire higher most posts in Govt offices. I didn’t see, what was I loosing in just focusing on the marriage. I LOST MYSELF. I LOST THE GOLDEN TIME TO HAVE LIVED AND DISCOVERED ONESELF.

My Parent started talking about my marriage when I graduated from Pioneer Design Institute, NIFT. I was 21 then. I am 27 now and here I have things listed that I loose in just aiming to get married.

Things/Opportunities I let go, just for the hope of getting married soon, IN ARRANGED MARRIAGE ( Yes, I was and I am single as my family doesn’t allow girls to find a guy themselves and have Love Marriage)

  1. I was advised to refuse to work in SAMSUNG as UX designer because the job location was Mumbai and my folks wanted me to stay with them in Delhi so that they can find the SUITABLE MATCH in TOI matrimonial supplement we get every Sunday.
  2. I was advised to not open my business setup before marriage as my folks were unsure of the SUITABLE Match’s job location.
  3. I cleared my entrance for masters in IIT Bombay when I was 24 but I was advised to put it down because it would have taken 2 years and I would have crossed 25 of age and that’s very late for marriage prospectus. LOL. I AM 27. Not Married. Neither having a masters degree from IIT.

I don’t blame my parents or anyone and Yes, I have changed my focus on self exploration and living up on the things I have missed so far. Marriage will happen, and one should not run after this unless you have found your soulmate. Time is precious and trust me, being bachelor, YOU SHOULD ROCK your life. LIVE ALONE. Slash with roommates. But not with Mom and Dad. Autonomy is awesome!

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