Stimulate The Mind — 6

Reading List:

Making Silicon Valley Learn From the Past

AngelList To Power The World’s Largest Seed Fund With $400M From Chinese Private Equity Firm

Tech Startups Feel an IPO Chill

It’s Not Easy — a must read. Thank you Manu Kumar at K9 Ventures for tweeting this

It’s Not Easy applied to Venture Capital — read “It’s Not Easy” listed above first. This post is Manu Kumar’s takeaways.

A Look At The Internal Memos Of Twitch And Periscope

How Do You Value A Company Like Uber?

Red Bear Angels Backs Startups From The Cornell Community — I am proud to be part of RBA and go Big Red!

Facebook’s David Marcus: The Asian Paradigm Has Shown Messaging Is the Next Frontier

Venture Outlook 2016 — a must read. Interesting times ahead.

Where the Digital Economy Is Moving the Fastest — Numerous Southeast Asian countries are labeled as “break out.” Period.

Venture Capital and the Internet’s Impact

Mobile Searches Surpass Desktop Searches At Google For The First Time

Some Thoughts On The Big AngelList Deal

As China slows, another Asian superpower is emerging

What a Southeast Asian tech boom means for US firms

Oct. 3, 1965: The Day that Changed the U.S. Technology Landscape — very grateful.

Diligence at Social Capital Part 4: Cohorts and (engagement) LTV

Diligence at Social Capital Part 3: Cohorts and (revenue) LTV

10-Step Framework For Evaluating On-Demand Startups

Mobile is not a neutral platform

Bijan Sabet — What makes a great VC?

10 Laws of Successful Marketplaces

Inside Facebook’s Artificial Intelligence Lab


Reflecting On The First 100 Investments

Podcasts List:

a16z Podcast: Dell + EMC — Why the Python Just Ate the Cow

Videos List:

Mark Zuckerberg and Oculus’s Michael Abrash on Why Virtual Reality Is the Next Big Thing

Sequoia’s Michael Moritz Q&A: Venture Capital Is “High-Risk Poker”

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Originally published at on October 21, 2015.