We Ate. We Drank. They Conquered.

We lost our hearts to Powai’s new hipster party destination, 38 Degree East.

38 Degree East

It is believed, this generation of Indians are working harder than ever. Then it is only natural that they are also the ones who party the hardest.

I can vouch for this peculiarity from my first-hand experience. I am a start-up guy who works 16 hours a day, 7 days a week. There are months when I don’t know what a weekend is. Hence, whenever I get some ‘me-time’, I try to make the most of it. Last night was no exception. I was fortunate enough to receive an invite to review the yet to be launched ultimate chill destination in Powai, 38 Degree East.

The soon-to-be-launched Wholesale Bar & Pan Asian House is a new addition to Powai Valley, India’s budding startup capital. If you are wondering why it is called 38 Degree East then let me shed some light.

The legend behind the name 38 Degree East

We started the evening with two wholesome Mock-tails called Tango Twist & Torafuku. Both had everything going for what I look for in a beverage: Great presentation, incredible taste and most importantly fresh ingredients.

Tango Twist and Torafuku

Next on the list were Cocktails. I decided put the Berry Wine Popsicle to the taste test and boy, did it pass with flying colours! The menu read mixed berry popsicle served in a glass of wine with berry flavoured caviars, but in my humble opinion it translates to your portal to weekend chill.

Berry Wine Popsicle

I felt a little adventurous and thought of trying Pauva. It may sound and even look like a quarter of desi. It is anything but that. This heady concoction is made from Brandy, Whisky, Gin, Vodka, Rum, Bourbon, Cointreau, Lime and Soda Water, served in a spice infused glass. After a couple of these bad boys, you might forget what a spreadsheet looks like.


As I was enjoying a trip down the La La Land, I was brought back to planet earth by my better half. Snacks were being served. We started off with Wanton Nachos. They made the perfect crunch sound and the Tomato and Sichuan sauces brought out great flavour.

Wanton Nachos

Before I could finish the Wanton Nachos, there was another surprise waiting for us: Veg Singapore Spindles. The newly converted veggie in me started dancing. The presentation was 10 out of 10. They scored a high 8 in my book when it came to taste.

Veg Singapore Spindles

Veg Sushi was next on the list. Beware of these little devils unless your motto is: Go big or go home when it comes to pungency.

Veg Sushi

For the main course, 7 Jewel Rice seemed like a perfect choice and it didn’t disappoint one bit. In fact, we felt as if our prayers were answered. My better half had been craving a spicy rice delicacy and the good Samaritans at 38 Degree East delivered.

7 Jewel Rice

I usually avoid sweets. But, that’s what cheat days are for. For desserts, we picked a Desi treat in a new avatar: Gulab Jamun Truffle. I am sure Chef Vikas Khanna will approve this Twist of Taste. Before we even finished half, we knew Food-coma is nigh.

Gulab Jamun Truffle

What I liked the most about this party haven is the ambiance. The place is bang opposite the Powai Lake and the view from the terrace is simply breathtaking. Add to it, graffiti, tasteful interiors and amazing presentation and you have got a winner.

View from the Terrace Lounge at 38 Degree East
Interiors at 38 Degree East
Interiors at 38 Degree East
Interiors at 38 Degree East
The Opulent Bar
Terrace Lounge at 38 Degree East
The Ultimate Goal

I liked the whole concept of drinks @ wholesale prices. The more drinks you order or the bigger group you have, the more money you will save and not to forget get sloshed.

Here is my overall rating. Ambiance: 9, Location: 9, Presentation: 9, Taste Food: 8, Taste Drinks: 9, Value for Money: 8