Top Five Healthy Pregnancy Tips

What does it require to have a healthy and fruitful pregnancy? It is the common question comes in every woman’s mind during pregnancy. Taking good care of yourself during pregnancy makes you feel wonderful and these sensible steps will keep you in top conditions by increasing your odds of a healthy pregnancy.

Pregnancy is the unforgettable time in a woman’s life and along with all the changes you’ll experience during pregnancy, your health deserves to be protected and nurtured.

1. Get prepared for pregnancy

Ideally preparation for baby begins at least 90 days prior to conception. But why so early, because the more healthy you are, the healthier your baby likely to be. The initial step for healthy pregnancy is visiting your obstetrician and Icsi fertility centre. Your doctor may recommend you some lifestyle changes and probably you’ll receive a prenatal vitamin prescription that will adequately give the nutritional boost that your body requires.

2. Eat whole foods

Whole foods are nourished food that provides energy for the body. Be sure what you eat during pregnancy because whatever you eat is going to impact your baby. The foods you eat will provide the building blocks for your baby’s body. During pregnancy eat those foods that are as close as possible to their natural state. Avoid processed food, cigarettes, alcohol and synthetic nutrients. Fresh fruits and vegetables, organic meat, dairy products, whole grains, grass- fed and filtered water is recommendable to add in your diet and add it regularly.

3. Move your body everyday

In pregnancy time, your body is going to be very rapidly changes in size, weight and shape. To make your body flexible, grounded and strong, exercise and daily movement will help you and also fulfill the demands of motherhood. Move your body daily by walking, running, dancing, swimming and yoga that will also helps to reduce stress. To strengthen your heart and circulation, do 30–45 minutes moderate exercise daily.

4. Take a prenatal multivitamin

During pregnancy to sustain you and baby, it is recommended to take whole food prenatal multivitamins that ensures that you and your baby are getting all necessary nutrients for healthy pregnancy. While purchasing these multivitamins, make sure that it contains all the nutrients like folic acid, zinc, sodium (salt), calcium, magnesium, fats, essential fatty acids and antioxidants in adequate amount. The amount of food you take daily will have a greater impact in the metabolism rate of people at the necessary action.

5. Find a good doctor to work with

It is totally depends on you and your partner to select a good doctor and best fertility centre. Remember you are working with him for coming nine months, so he/she must make you feel comfortable, listen and answers your all queries, has excellent qualification and experience in his field and respect your birth plan as well. Pregnancy is the most important times of life for mothers and she deserves the best care during this period. So make your choice wisely to select a good doctor to work with.

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