Replace Damaged Hip With Hip Prosthesis For Desirable Results

Hip prosthesis is a surgery performed for replacing a damaged or non functional hip with an artificial hip. Like a natural hip, an artificial hip also has two parts. These parts are a ball and a socket. An artificial hip also has these two vital parts, which are known as prosthesis. In a natural hip, the ball fits well into a bowl-shaped socket in the pelvis. The artificial hip also works in the same way. When a surgeon goes for a total hip replacement, both the ball and the socket are replaced with prosthesis.


Ways to select the prosthesis

In India, many brands and types of hip replacement prosthesis are available. The surgeon will select the type of prosthesis depending on your anatomy, age, and lifestyle. Main aim of the surgeon in choosing the right type of prosthesis is to give you the best results. Generally, surgeons use the hip prosthesis India that they are at ease in using and they have a long experience with. You should talk to your surgeon to know the reason for a particular type of prosthesis chosen for you.

Hip prosthesis is one of the many orthopedic implants India. Such implants are useful in relieving the patients of severe pains they suffer from moving their joints and bones. The implants make the patients’ life much easier than before.

The components

Orthopedic manufacturer makes hip prosthesis implants with two main components — femoral component and acetabular component. Formal component is a stem that locked into the thigh bone and to the artificial ball attaching to the stem. During the surgery, it replaces the natural ball of the femur. The acetabular component is an artificial socket in which the ball of the femoral component fits.

The stem can be designed to tightly fit into a thigh bone and does not require cementing. This is called cement less stem. But in the other case, the surgeon may opt for cemented stem where special bone cement is set to hard lock the stem in place.

Which prosthesis to choose for the best results?

Many types of prosthesis are available from orthopedic implants manufacturer. These implants vary in design and the materials. Each such prosthesis has its own advantages and disadvantages. You should be aware of them.

When it comes to choosing a method to fixing the bones, know that cement less hip replacement is mostly used for the patients. When hybrid fixation is when the surgeon need to cement the femoral component. This is the second most used method. Besides these methods, a cemented hip replacement and very rarely a reverse hybrid combination method also are used by the surgeons.


Whichever method of hip prosthesis you choose; most of the patients get satisfactory results. For younger people, the results are much better.

If the patients are older, then the surgeon can prefer cementing the femoral stem with a cement less or cemented acetabular component as a better option.


Orthopedic implants manufacturer nowadays use high quality material for the bearing surface. The bearing surface is where the two moving parts of hip join. But this surface used to wear out soon due to inferior material as its small particles were released in the body causing inflammation and pain.

Now the manufacturers use mainly three bearing surface combination. These are metal on plastic, ceramic on plastic, and ceramic on ceramic. The quality of the materials has improved a lot in past decades. Now plastic is the most commonly used material and it is mixed with ceramic. This means that the patient is unlikely to require repeat surgery.