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The Next Wave: Design to Art

Life, as it turns out, happens in waves..

At the most fundamental level, creation is made possible by waves of light, sound, magnetism, and thought. When we build something, like a startup, we’re at the mercy of, and hopefully conquering, the waves of economies, technology, funding, and user adoption. There are waves within the waves — for example, technology waves rolled from the internet to the personal computer to the ubiquity of mobile.

Our lives happen in waves too. The wave of our youth, the wave of relationships and lovers, the wave of children and family, the wave of career and work — each wave lifting us up, knocking us down, and moving us along on our journey through the sea of life.

The movement of water is a powerful reminder of the constant flow and change of life. I rely on the ocean to be my teacher, therapist and mentor — she is no respecter of persons and will serve as a mirror, reflecting all of you back to yourself, even the parts you may not want to see. And just like the greatest of teachers, her most powerful lessons are found in her challenges.

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Calm Minds = Better Creators

I started painting waves and water a few years back as a way to de-stress from the demands of the tech industry and startup-building. When I paint, I am united with a purpose and inner voice I didn’t know existed. Painting brings me back to my center and gives me peace.

Waves have a very real power, and anyone who has stood on a shoreline or spent some time in the ocean can attest — you feel pulled. In fact, if you listen carefully, you may just hear your own voice reminding you of your purpose.

Water №19
The goal of my art is to help you reflect and return to your center. Stress pulls us off course; art returns us to our destiny.

My experiences from design and tech inform my work — Storms and chaos capture the ups and downs of starting a new venture. Peaceful movements of water and waves represent the flow state that every great maker strives toward. I make art to realign you with your center, remind you of your essence, and inspire you to become your truest self.

As a designer, I problem-solve and help people achieve specific goals. Design tends to be pretty binary — either the design solves the problem or it doesn’t. As an Artist, my goal is to evoke emotion and reflection. I want to help you feel yourself again and see your own beautiful individuality. You deserve some room to breathe, to think, and to find the calm state of mind required for a healthy life.

Painting for Others

Creating custom pieces for people is uniquely rewarding, because, while it’s more intensive, it’s customized to the person — their story, their journey, and their aspirations. Recently I created a piece for Combine, a design and venture firm in San Francisco. I met with the founders Adam and Soleil to hear their story and create an 8' x 10' oil-on-canvas water painting that reflected the spirit and culture of their space in SOMA. As investors in early stage startups, they understand the waves of emotion founders must endure. So they wanted a piece that showcased the dark, unknown waves, gradually transcending into waves of aqua blue, and up to a point where you couldn’t tell the edge of the sea from the start of the sky.

After all, the nirvana of creating companies is enduring the unpredictable early stages, and moving onwards to a company that stands the test of time. I love getting texts and photos from other folks who pass through this space, sharing with me how the art makes them feel.

Water №18 — 8' x 10' Oil on Canvas, painted on site at Combine VC, Fall 2017

There is a common thread in design and art, and that thread is people. Both design and art connect one human to another, and my greatest pleasure has been to facilitate these connections throughout my life. Going forward, I am finding new challenges and surprising lessons as I push and focus on my art more and more.

When I was a founder, I wish I would have had better tools to calm my mind. I believe art is a tool that most don’t even realize the effects of, yet so badly need. I’ll be writing and sharing art, anecdotes, and lessons of art + tech — all designed to help creators re-think, re-center, and re-charge. You can sign up below to get these updates.

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