I Think I Am Pregnant

“I think i am pregnant”.

It was 6am, I was getting ready for my 7am class when her call came through. It was a short call but it was the worst call of my life; I felt her voice like it was laced with pepper, her tone was that of devastation. “Pregnant! Pregnant” kept ringing in my head. It’s been 3 weeks since we had sex. It wasn’t my first time but it was her first. I had insisted on using protection but she said we shouldn’t. She said she wouldn’t want her first time to be with protection, she gave some reasons I don’t fully remember now but it was something like feeling whorish. I gave in to her, I loved her and I couldn’t bear making her feel ashamed of her first time. Folashade was emotional, the sex was a short affair, I consoled her because she couldn’t get over her dreams of how she wanted her first time to be with her husband in marriage.

When I got to class that morning, I didn’t hear half of what the lecturer said, my blood boiled, i was hot from head to the tip of my toes. I entertained the thoughts of ropes, nooses and hangings, my hands shook, I felt jittery, i was confused, I wish I could wake up from the terrible dream and go back to my normal life. Nothing prepared me for the possibility of pregnancy.

I told a friend about this new development in my life that was certain to ruin my future. Like friends do, he made a good point to laugh at me before suggesting a certain pharmacy just outside of the school gate where I could get drugs or in the worst case, an abortion. I still walk into pharmacies with an embarrassment when I need to get condoms but now, I have to go get rid of a pregnancy. Life really comes at you fast. In all of my confusion, I hadn’t called Folashade since the call that morning. I put a call through to her, she didn’t pick up.