Hemi Portfolio Scotty Labs Acquired by DoorDash

Hemi Ventures
Aug 28 · 2 min read
Scotty co-founder Tobenna Arodiogbu speaking at Hemi’s Fleetonomy: Building An Army of Autonomous Vehicles Workshop

Hemi portfolio, Scotty Labs, a teleoperations company working on technology to enable remotely controlled self-driving cars, has been acquired by DoorDash. Hemi invested in Scotty’s seed round together with Google Gradient Ventures and Horizon Ventures last March.

For the past three years, Hemi has been an early backer of rebel companies in the autonomous vehicle industry. Hemi is entrenched is this field with investments in six autonomous vehicle startups:

Our portfolios touch parts of the entire ecosystem. Scotty Labs is building human intelligence for autonomous vehicles in order to enable their safe deployment. Plus.AI is also working to improve safety by developing autonomous driving solutions powered by deep learning. Another company delivering enhanced safety features is Sense Photonics with its high-performance solid-state lidar powered by a revolutionary new architecture. Accurate navigation is crucial for the autonomous ecosystem, and that is why we backed Point One Navigations which is known for providing the most reliable GPS precision service for autonomous vehicles and unmanned drones. Rounding out our portfolio is Polysync with its operating middleware system for autonomous vehicles, connecting algorithms, sensors, and actuators into plug-and-play apps. We can see the entire ecosystem come to life with Starsky Robotics, a full-stack autonomous trucking company that’s operating its own fleet. All of these rebel companies are working hard to make autonomous vehicles a reality.

Since the beginning, Hemi has been focused on supporting disruptive technology for autonomous vehicles and mobility. This is the reason we chose to back Scotty Labs in their seed round over a year ago. We share their mission to bring much-needed safety innovation to the autonomous vehicle sector. Congratulations go out to co-founders Tobenna and Usman, and the entire team at Scotty Labs.

For more details, please see this Medium article by Scotty co-founder Tobenna Arodiogbu.

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