The Pace Gallery in Palo Alto recently opened the exhibit, “Seeing Picasso: Maker of the Modern,” a chronological display of Pablo Picasso’s works. Hemi Ventures, partnering with Pace Gallery, invited tech rebels from our closest circle of investors, partners and founders to join the artistic convention. Behind this priceless exhibit, valued for over a half-billion dollars, Hemi’s founders, strategic partners, and tech rebels gathered to celebrate Picasso’s artistic rebellion.

Hemi announced our Series A investment in Heroic Faith, the only AI-powered real-time auscultation monitor in the world that supports critical care medical practitioners. Hemi has been dedicated to support innovative, rising technology that will reform the healthcare industry. Fushun Hsu, CEO of Heroic Faith, spoke with Hemi about his perspectives and outlook on the development of medical technology.

Heroic Faith CEO, Fushun Hsu showcasing their respiratory monitor to the Vice President of Taiwan

Q&A: Heroic Faith CEO, Fushun Hsu, on Being at the Forefront of Lifesaving Technology

“In the ICU, we do everything to save lives, fast and reactively. I have to react quickly to the situation, but sometimes the outcome may not be as satisfying. …

Hemi invests in innovative rising technology that reforms industries. In addition to providing capital, we partner with portfolio founders on growth strategies for lasting success. Our tech rebels are trailblazing new markets as they push the industry forward to overcome the limitations of today with their rising technologies and this is evident in the accolades they have received.

Smart Radar System

Source: Smart Radar System

Smart Radar System recently received the Korean Prime Minister’s prize in the “2019 Radio Wave & Broadcasting Technology Awards.” SRS, as a startup, ranked second to the Korean conglomerate Samsung Electronics, and ahead of others like LGU+, and SK…

“I believe that there will be a tremendous change in the medical and healthcare ecosystem with the availability of a new therapeutic modality that’s much more convenient and safer for patients to utilize. People will use the term prescription digital therapeutic and they’ll know that it is a software equivalent to a drug that can be used to treat disease.”

metaMe Health is a Chicago-based prescription digital therapeutics company. The company’s lead product in development is Regulora. Regulora is the first digital implementation of a behaviorally-focused treatment that is intended to address the cognitive, behavioral and affective drivers of IBS…

“From the beginning, Hemi was very active in trying to introduce us to the world. Adding Hemi’s connections opens up a whole new world for us.”

Radar sensors are an important part of automotive safety, helping to reduce blind spots and prevent collisions. Smart Radar System (SRS) is a leader in automotive and industrial radar vision solutions, providing 4D image radar, corner radar, and radar module customization services. For over three years, the company has been specializing in radar technology, and their 4-D image radar is expected to be in mass production by the end of 2020.

This technology will…

A Four-Day Dive into the World’s Largest Mobility Market

With the largest population, the greatest EV sales, the biggest ride hailing market, China is the future of mobility. The size of the market leads to the amount of innovation. After a successful trip last spring, China Hound happened again this autumn in Shanghai and Hangzhou.

Day 1

We started our orientation with a welcome banquet at the Riviera Restaurant on the evening of October 21st. The Bund is one of the most recognizable symbols and the pride of Shanghai. The architecture along the Bund is a living museum of the colonial history of the 1800s. …

“Some investors are very passive; they’ll put their money in and then hope for the best. Some are too helpful, in the sense that they’re trying to influence things in a strong way. But everything that I’ve seen from Hemi so far has been just that right balance.”

Sense Photonics is developing the next generation of LiDAR and 3D sensor solutions that can be used in autonomous vehicles, industrial equipment, and other applications. The company’s cutting-edge, fully solid-state LiDAR system uses advanced 3D imaging technology designed to improve performance and safety requirements in automotive and industrial applications. …

Each year, our annual summit covers our predictions for the top 10 rising trends in the upcoming year.

Our team at Hemi Ventures has been fortunate to partner with world class technology leaders to identify these trends in the forward thinking areas of neuromorphic computing, nanotechnology, explainable AI, next-gen sequencing, and other advanced solutions. Being aware of how the future technologies will shape our industry, humanity, and the greater good is only one part of having this foresight. The second part is nurturing and empowering the companies to progress the technology to mainstream acceptance.

Hemi Ventures Managing Partner Amy Gu sharing her opening remarks at the Hemi Annual Summit

Our sommelier has curated a variety…

“The underlying mission of personalized medicine is giving the right medical care to the right patient. There’s also an additional layer which is giving the medical care that’s catered to the patient’s current health base.”

Epinomics Co-Founder and CEO Fergus Chan (second left) and 10X Genomics Chief Commercial Officer Brad Crutchfield (first right) speaking with Hemi Ventures Managing Partner Amy Gu, at Hemi’s Ventures “Trends in Healthcare Investments and Exits 2019” event during 37th Annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference

Hemi portfolio Epinomics, a pioneer in the growing epigenetics space, was 10x Genomics’ first acquisition a year ago. A indisputable leader in the genomics field, 10x Genomics just had its splashy debut on the Nasdaq that raised $390 million outright and accelerated 48% over the day. …

“It is time for carmakers to make a change, and pay more attention to the whole mobility ecosystem, rather than staring at sales numbers. I think the mindset about the auto industry should not only be about automotive but also about mobility,” shared Amy Gu in a recent interview.

Article and picture source: CGTN

The global car industry is struggling with slumping sales. Market players should change their business models and mindsets, according to Amy Gu, managing partner at Hemi Ventures, an early-stage venture capital fund based in Silicon Valley.

The German auto trade association, Verband der Automobilindustrie (VDA), recently reported that sales in all…

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