Food borne illness data from Excel

In the article, “The Don’t of Infographic Design,” by Ballieett, it was a much needed reminder to focus on less creatively (could get messy), which in turn is more digestible for the person viewing your graphic. …

Using the UNPD data, I sourced and charted CO2 production emissions per capita (tonnes) from 5 different countries. I extracted 2020 data from Costa Rica, India, Brazil, Canada, and the United States.

A takeaway from “Basic Steps in Working with Data,” by Stevie Doig is “always ask the agency giving you data if there are any undocumented elements in the data…examine the results of your analysis and ask ‘Does this make sense?’” I think that with any set of data, there is…

11 used matches over five days.

Amanda Hemminger

Fourth year Journalism & Design major with a focus in Environmental Studies.

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