Learning through Doing

Master Yoda :)

What were we designing for ?

Situating Concepts in a simplified view
“Gallery Walk” showcasing as well as sharing our concepts and design rationale with fellow designers


Experience Prototyping

  • One was time, with just limited time we had to merge low fidelity prototypes & high fidelity prototypes with the experience.
  • Second was the context, for this project the context was about cross channel experience, prototyping a single app or a single concept would do no good as we wanted to evaluate how seamless and find more opportunities in the entire experience.
  • Third was demonstration to understand the journey and observe through the lens of a designer.
Paper prototyping is used to quickly generate UI and enact the experience.

Creating the Simulation

Setting up the Augment Reality dining experience
Image of a designer taking notes while the proposed channel is being experienced by other designers.
Designers participating in the exercise of experience prototyping.
I was part of the action, observing and analyzing affordances and vital aspects of the prototyping.
Designer scanning the QR to see additional information as part of the experience prototype.

Major Findings & Outcome

My Experience


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I write about Design, Food & Tech.

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I write about Design, Food & Tech.

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