The Auto Block

Recently there was a tremendous growth of crypto currency users, but the number of companies and vendors that provide services to these users and deal with them are still very small once we compare it with the number of users and the amount of their holdings of cryptocurrencies and crypto-assets, whereas in many areas still need more companies that Accepting dealing in cryptocurrencies to overcome the current obstacles faced by users of crypto market, for example in ​​cars industry, users cannot buy or sell cars by cryptocurrencies. At this point, there was a dire need to start the Auto Block project, which will emerge to solve many problems through blockchain technology.

The Problems

There are many problems in the current cars market and the most critical problems are the evaluation of cars , transferring money to the seller and the long time it takes to reach to the destination, the presence of a large number of people who have cryptocurrencies whom want to buy cars without the need to convert their currency to fiat money which leading to pay the fees by conventional banks, and it is difficult to find a dealer that accepts payment in cryptocurrencies, in addition to the problem of access to data cars where the data is monopolized and challenging to be accessed by sellers and buyers or even the data is being manipulated so that car valuation would be hard and sometimes impossible.

The solution

Auto Block will adopt a blockchain technology to revolutionize the auto market. Auto Block will issue the Autocoin, which will be used to facilitate transactions between sellers and buyers.

Auto Block will also offer a P2P platform for cars dealers who will accept a payment by Autocoin token, and this will open new markets for them to sell their cars to a big segment of buyers., vehicles data and valuation service will be combined in one place to verify, buy and sell cars, and whenever the becomes popular and used more often, the price of Autocoin will increase.

Auto Block will also create a big database of all vehicles information utilizing the artificial intelligence technology and blockchain technology. It will include all data from manufacturing to the last use of the cars. This collected data will help in cars valuation.

Auto Block is unique in its automotive industry with its proprietary vehicle valuation algorithm, which will provide users with the best pricing and value-based inputs based on the country or city.


The price of AUTOCOIN = $ 0.25


Minimum capital: 5,000 ETH

Maximum capital limit: 40,000 ETH

Payment Methods: ETH, BTC, BCH, LTC



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