Global Life Sciences, Launches in United States With A Cutting Edge 100% Natural Water-Soluble Formulation of Cannabidiol (CBD)

Posted: Oct 11, 2016 4:37 AM
Today Global Life Sciences, released its 100% natural water-soluble formulation of Cannabidiol (CBD) for USA distribution, focusing on health and wellness.

Today, Global Life Sciences, a California based Direct Sales Company, introduced their new Commerical Hemp CBD Formulation into the US market. Cannabidiol (CBD) produced from industrial Hemp is becoming broadly accepted as an alternative to CBD extracted from other cannabis sources. Global Life Sciences’ state of the art all natural water-soluble formulation of cannabidiol (CBD) is derived from the highest quality hemp.

If you search “Hemp CBD” on the Internet, you won’t have any trouble finding a plethura of information about Hemp CBD (Cannabidiol). There are numerous Labs, Universities, and even companies with commercial interest in CBD who are funding medical research into uncovering the health properties and benefits of CBD. Previously, the main focus on CBD was in CBD derived from Marijuana, which due to the many legal, and moral issues associated with Marijuana, created many obstacles for researchers and those seeking to market CBD products. However, with the recent loosening of laws, and the introduction of The US Industrial Hemp Farming Act, there is now a great deal of focus on CBD derived from (legal) Industrial Hemp

Global Life Sciences plans to begin its US distribution on September 19th, 2016 and is anticipating vigorous sales of its flagship product called “Tune”. Tune, a blend of High-Quality Hops, Turmeric and CBD oil (from industrial Hemp). Created by Global Life Sciences’, CEO and Cofounder, Eric H. Kuhrts, “Tune” is a water–soluble CBD formulation that is typically consumed by adding a few drops to a glass of juice or water. While Global Life Sciences doesn’t make any health claims about its product, most people who have tried “Tune” report feeling more alert, calmer and an overall sense of well-being, and usually all within minutes of consuming the product. According to Kuhrts, the product also has an accumulative effect.

Global Life Sciences opted for Direct Selling as their distribution method for their products. Growing in popularity, as well as respectability, Direct Selling is rapidly becoming a preferred choice for companies to get their products to Global Markets. The company has assembled a highly-experienced Executive Team, made up of individuals who are well-versed in the direct sales, marketing and distribution.

More About “Tune” Distribution

About Eric H. Kuhrts

In addition to being Global Life Sciences’ CEO, Co-Founder and Product Creator, Eric Kuhrts has an extensive background in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries. Kuhrts is also the founder and President of numerous pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and diagnostic companies, and is the inventor of numerous patents and innovative product technologies. He has been involved in all aspects of management and research related to pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, and consumer products for over 25 years, and raised millions of dollars for bio-pharmaceutical ventures. One of Kuhrts products generated over $180 million dollars in annual revenue, with cumulative sales of over $2 billion over a 10 year period, making it one of the biggest selling products in the dietary supplement industry. Currently, he has over 81 patents listed in the worldwide database of patents, the World Intellectual Property Organization. Kuhrts also developed and licensed a new drug formulation currently entering the phase III final phase of drug development as a cardiovascular drug, by a major biotech company that raised over $100 million dollars in new venture financing from a prestigious group of international finance companies to fund the development and approval of the drug in the US.

Over the last 10 years, Kuhrts has also had a special interest in research related to certain bioactive compounds contained in hops flowers. This resulted in a number of unique and proprietary formulations that involve multiple health benefits. Three different active natural products were developed and researched, and some of these natural compounds also produced great results when applied to the skin. This resulted in the concept of inner and outer health and beauty. The inner benefits result from the oral consumption, and the potential of the substances to provide support to the cells, tissues, and organs of the body, and the outer, is the topical application of the same compounds, in special formulations to the skin, by having a great effect on the health and integrity of skin cells, and the genes that are involved in the epidermal protective barrier, the skins protective mechanism.

More recently, Kuhrts discovered the first natural compound found to increase the activity of the genes associated with the neuro-hormone oxytocin. Oxytocin has been characterized as the “hormone of happiness”, and is involved in numerous functional health benefits, including the potential for boosting an individual’s “sense of wellbeing”.

Research into xanthohumol has indicated that it is made most bioavailable by making it into a water-soluble (and still fat-soluble) molecule. This highly bio-available form of Xanthohumol is known as Luciden. Unlike other hops extracts, which are typically not bio-available, Luciden has twelve hours to reach the cells once ingested.

Benefits of Xanthohumol in Luciden Form

Some scientists and researchers believe Xanthohumol is 200 times more powerful than Resveratrol. Xanthohumol has been shown in studies to have the following effects on cells and tissue:

~Lowers isoprostanes within 3 weeks in humans by 36% (measured in urine). This means that xanthohumol is able to reduce the overall stress on the human system.

~Downregulates aromatase (natural aromatase inhibition). This protects cells from toxic estrogens and xeno-estrogens (artificial hormones like those found in plastics).

~ Inhibits NF-k B (nuclear factor kappa beta) activation in cells. This inhibits mutations and cancerous changes in cells.

~Inhibits phase I cytochrome P450 enzymes. These are involved in the metabolic activation of carcinogens. This protects the body from dangerous toxins.

~ Inhibits nitric oxide and prostaglandin E2 production. These are potent anti-inflammatory actions.

~ Exhibits broad-spectrum anti-viral effects.

~ Overall, anti-aging and youthening epigenetic effects. Xanthohumol stimulates the cells to stay younger, longer.,5&qsp=5&q=xanthohumol+apoptosis

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