HempCoin forms a Strategic Partnership with Evolution Host

HempCoin (THC)
Aug 4, 2018 · 2 min read

We are proud to announce our partnership with Evolution Host. Evolution Host is a premium VPS Hosting provider specializing in game servers, IRCds and mIRC Bot Hosting.

Under our partnership, Evolution Host will aid in our mission of widespread adoption by accepting THC as a method of payment. In return, we will promote the use of Evolution Host’s superior, solid-state drive, virtual private server (VPS) hosting solutions to our large and growing community of HempCoin Masternode owners.

This is an opportune time for HempCoin and Evolution Host to form a partnership. HempCoin is currently undergoing a coin swap to a new blockchain that uses Proof-of-Stake and Masternodes to achieve consensus. On June 19th, Bittrex initiated the THC coin swap for exchange users with existing THC balances. Since Bittrex finalized the swap on July 26, 2018 an average of 25 HempCoin Masternodes per day have been setup on the network. Now instead of directing community members to lease a VPS from hosting companies that do not accept cryptocurrency, we are able to promote a hosting company that aligns with our vision of cryptocurrency acceptance.

As an added benefit, HempCoin Masternode owners are able to pay hosting fees with their Masternode’s THC Rewards!

“In order for a cryptocurrency to fulfill its purpose, merchant adoption is essential,” states Romont Johnson, HempCoin’s Head of Business Development. “Through this partnership we’re proving to the HempCoin community, our commitment to achieve widespread adoption and we’re looking forward to securing more partnerships with companies that share our vision.”

About Evolution Host:

Evolution Host is a premium VPS Hosting provider specializing in game servers, IRCds and mIRC Bot Hosting. Evolution Host has been revolutionizing the hosting industry since inception by combining low prices with outstanding service. Evolution Host’s critically acclaimed support has become renowned for its timely responsiveness and helpful nature. With highly satisfied clients from around the world, Evolution Host has become the go-to place for your hosting needs.

Website: https://evolution-host.com

About the HempCoin (THC):

HempCoin was one of the first 30 cryptocurrencies developed in 2014. It is a highly focused digital currency with a mission to deliver global liquidity to the Agricultural and Farming sectors. HempCoin aims to provide simple, zero-fee payment solutions for the medicinal/recreational Cannabis, Hemp and Tobacco industries.

HempCoin recently migrated to a new blockchain which includes privacy via Zerocoin protocol, instant transactions via SwiftX, and Masternodes. The new THC is not only an upgrade from the previous coin, but is now the most technologically advanced cryptocurrency in the cannabis sector.

Stay updated on our channels Website: http://hempcoin.org Email: dev@hempcoin.org Telegram: https://t.me/HempCoinOfficial Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheHempCoin Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/thehempcoin/ Discord: https://discord.gg/cgEQ5wh BitcoinTalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=506320.0

THC Exchanges

Bittrex: https://bittrex.com/Market/Index?MarketName=BTC-THC qTrade: http://qtrade.io/market/THC_BTC

HempCoin (THC)

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HempCoin is a cryptocurrency on a mission to deliver global liquidity to Agricultural sectors, including hemp, cannabis, and tobacco.