Why Saving Banksy Means Saving Yourself — by David Choe
David Choe

Dear David,

I recently realized again for the 4th time that there is no time.

Just Kidding. I feel that the secret knowledge has just leaked out. You have eXposed the facts.

This reality/eVolution can not continue without artists. IF all huwomankind started supporting/loving local artists in every form — — — — =+ all of the world’s problems would begin to evaporate. Guaranteed or your money back.

Let’s also leak the secret list of artists, and tell people that somebutnotall artists have other memes, and there might be a topsecret artist siting next to you with the title, mother, farmer, cop, scientist or manwhore… You just never know.

there is no us or them. we are all part superhero/asshole.

goD imPulse = artistic inquiry love jam