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Dear Sarah,

I appreciate your mind. You have a wonderful sense of the absurd and you are a great writer. Slack is what you need. Bob saves.

Maybe this will help you sleep better.

1.Trump is a human. He is not an alien. He may be an ego-maniac like Hitler but Hitler had help. So did Stalin. So did Mao. So did Jesus. It’s really a question of “why do we give our power away to dumbasses”? Because we are all dumbasses. That should make you feel better. He is just like you or me. He wants good food, hot sex and a warm bed. He wants clean food, fresh air and good topsoil. He just might have forgotten because his EGO has him on the ropes right now. If we remind him of this then he might wake up, but probably too late, and then they will assassinate him. I feel sorry for the Donald at this point. If he wins he loses. The Presidency would be a demotion for him, and as soon as he gets into office that’s when he will really find out who runs the show.

2. The office of the Presidency is just that, an office. Our government operates under checks and balances and is not a dictatorship yet. Besides, the President is a puppet to more sinister forces. (I know, sounds ridiculous but they shot every president that went up against the Fed Bank. Do your own research. Every president that was shot at, had an anti central/foreign bank or Fed Reserve Bank policy, or stance. One of these men stood in congress and called them a pit of vipers or den of thieves… can’t remember which but you get my point.)

3. President Obama the “Hope” candidate, participated in a continuance of the New World Order Agenda which included a continuance of the suspension of Habeus Corpus and the continuance of two wars and the continuance of the Guantanamo Prison/offshore blackbag “we disapeared you” foreign mercenary run torture chambers. Think I am nuts yet?

There are also a few suspect executive orders.

If you read about the “Writ Of Habeas Corpus”, which you won’t because it’s too hard and you are not a lawyer and you have never participated in a black bag op, you will see that both political parties, the Red & Blue have been up to “no good” for many years. Some executive orders are an erosion of the original Republic. The original Republic was set up to slow the creep of corruption that envelops any government over time, any government, including the one run by the Clintons. ALL men and women crave power because we are afraid of death.

4. Even if Trump IS part of the New World Order which he claims he isn’t, nothing will change. We will still slide into a one world government one world currency and one world religion, and that’s probably what you want so breathe easy, either way nothing will change…

Remember, nothing changed when we went from Bill to W. Only the weapons got more outrageous. Sonic Cannons indeed! “Rods of God” my ass. I even met a man who claimed to work on the Nuclear Land Mine…

So smart…so dumb. See how close their testicles are to the uranium pile?

So maybe you won’t sleep better tonight, but at least I have tried to show you that the Donald is the least of your worries. LMAO not.

BTW do you really want to give the Government more power? Really? Have you ever visited a communist country?

Wetiko is to blame for the Death of Slack