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Dear T.O.,

There is no us or them. Physics tells us that. It might appear so, and thousands of years of oppression would back up the illusion however, we can also site many cases of black inter-tribal atrocities committed, or white inter-tribal atrocities committed.

Let’s consider the possibility that humans because of our genetic makeup, enjoy the occasional bloodbath or that War or division of any kind is just good business and keeps the population down. When we take a good look at truths about ourselves big problems begin to dissolve. in the legendary words of Mr. Natural, what if they had a war and nobody showed up.

To address your comment about why white peoples find it hard to look at themselves as fascist imperialists it’s my humble opinion that whenever a human of any color is faced with the pure horror of his own mortality, every immature cell in his body actually revolts in agony as stored memories in DNA fight for supremacy. Wetiko or malignant ego-phrenia is another name for it.

A cure? Try feeling no guilt but only some form of responsibility, for one’s own part in all of the world’s atrocities. Those cells will begin to loosen up as we all realize that love is all there is… especially in the face of hostility. Peace in the East.

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