BlueYard Thesis
BlueYard Capital

E-commerce can save the world. We are the next Dollar Shave Club and we believe in the burgeoning disrupting Bio-Economy, fueled by Industrial Hemp.

Here’s the elevator pitch:

Billions of people are buying a product that is toxic for their bodies, and destroys natural habitats just to wipe their asses, and that’s important.

Hempies™ Paper makes a product that is NON Toxic and saves the trees because it is made from a weed, i.e.. Hemp.

We take renewable materials that are traditionally burned and discarded, and transform them into high quality paper and packaging solutions. Industrial Hemp is currently used in 50,000 products worldwide. Who Knew? It’s time to save our asses from Eco-Cide. Let’s be Heroes and save the trees. I’ll make it worthwhile.

We are a startUP and I am seeking a Lead Angel Hero investor/Partner to help me launch the next Dollar Shave Club, BUTT more importantly than making a Billion dollars is THIS!::: We are saving the trees with a hero brand, tree-free fiber product.

Pitch Deck:

I can put sustainable paper and plastic products in every business in the world within 5 years.


Philip Miller Founder OP-H Inc. Hempies™ Hempers™ Hempex™