I Remember This Feeling
Stuart Vyse

Great Dr. Vyse. Very motivational. Apparently you are a Democrat. What does that make you when you distinguish yourself from others?

It makes you an other. An outcast. An elite. A superior. An inferior. Whatever it makes you it definately tries to separate you from me but this is not possible in reality so all it does is create tension and as a Psychologist you know that this tension must be addressed. This tension is the root of violence.

The only hope for humans to evolve past the “Naked Ape” stage we are currently in is to recognize that we are in need of a Psychological revolution.

A Revolution where we all together realize that we are all dumbasses no matter how hard our Egos try to tell us otherwise. In that one truth comes the cure.

Recognize every day that we are not guilty for our programming and in that forgiveness of ourselves and others… even the Republicans and the Muslims and the Jews, and the Nazis and the poor dressers and the tasteless and all the dumbasses who don’t have degrees… in that forgiveness comes relief of tension which causes the release of oxytocin which causes hope, and releases enough energy to evolve thus breaking the endless cycle of dumbass behavior. Now part two of the cure! Take responsibility for all of the dumbass behavior of your fellow man and actively seek your own personal involvement in this dumbass behavior. When you find “it”, you will stop “it” and with that World will turn on it’s head.

In the immortal words of Mr. Natural: “What if they had a war and nobody showed up?”

Act like a dumbasss and they treat you like an equal.
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