How I became a target of the alt-right
Arrington de dionyso

Hi Arrington. The two images posted here seem to be semi-appropriate for a Kid Friendly Pizza Place in a very sophisticated urban center. I would not forsee your art being posted in a pizza parlor in say a Nebraska farm town. Obviously the serpent surrounding all of those exposed human/animal alien hybrid vaginas would certainly cause gastric distress in most Americans that have an Abrahamic Religious upbringing.

The art I have seen posted on many of the Wikileaks referenced, John Podesta mentioned, web sites are a bit inappropriate for most children. I am not sure these images are even made by you. Images showing occult gatherings where witches or spirits are holding small heads near their genitals and other fun stuff like possible ritual abuse or sexual ceremony is probably best displayed in private galleries no? Of course it is not your fault where your art is displayed but you can take certainly take responsibility for creating those images no?

I am not for censuring art or speach in any form but I am against the public display of inappropriate art to children becaues they have enough to worry about in their nightmares. It’s just common sense. That is not your fault however. It is the fault of the owner of the Pizza Parlor. He could post a sign at the door.

“This pizza parlor contains art that depicts scenes that might be innappropriate for children of some Godz!”

So everyone just get off Antonios back ok? Buy some of his art ok? It is doubling in value as I speak!

ps. Maybe you want to have a virtual art show of the pieces that were in the pizza parlor and explain what is going on in the images. That should certainly clear things up and I am sure get you some new buyers.

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