Interesting that you look at the continued failure of humans as a reason to continue to depend on…
Margret Storm

Hi Margret. Thank you for this well considered and lively convo… Critical thinking has not died off, it is just buried in a pile of media and disinfo. Truly the thinker thinks and the prover proves, hence the fun game of debate, and thermo-nuclear war.

I would surely enjoy a switch to mycelia based computing provided it is not programmed by cold blooded Wall Street VC driven market based consumerism and actually informed by the inteligence of Gaia Herself. Until Men’s Egos are brought into alignment with the Grand Year there is only the same cycle of organized techno-violence and eco-despair, no? Maybe the History books are a lie, but that is what I clearly see. Scientists, Wizards, Popes et al, are always subjugated by the Milintic Forces of evil. (Military Industrial Political). Havn’t we been here before?

That being said I have always put much stock into the revolutionary Psycilloben Driven Psychological/spiritual experiments of the great Alchemists of yester-yore. Jedi as it were. It is in the caves of our minds where we find the real answers to the mysteries of this Mortal Coil, NO?