The Shocking Reason Millennials are Binging on Songs about Binging on Drugs
Holly Wood, PhD 🌹

Holly you continue to rock my brain.

Save the trees. Save the family. Save yourself.

We are seeing symptoms of the Wetiko of humans reaching into the last protected bastions of Amerikan society, the white female 25 year old. These are the sweet girls that were traditionaly married off to the most worthy direktors of the machine, not openly sacrificed to Moloch except on special occasions. This malignant egophrenia will destroy us all unless we all begin right now, to care for the sick and wounded. Start with yourself. I did. I went and lived in my car for a year so I could unhook from the wheel. Put your oxygen mask on first. Heal yourself, then in that process others might be healed just by being quantumly entangled with you. Right now most of us have our very DNA being programmed and it hurts really bad when you try to do the opposite of what you have been programmed to do. Kicking cold turkey is always a noble pursuit. I mean just try to turn off your TV or web∞browser for two weeks if you don’t believe me. You are an addict.

JK sez:

‘I am unhappy and I must be happy’. In that very demand that I must be happy is unhappiness. When one makes an effort to be good, in that very goodness is its opposite, evil. Everything affirmed contains its own opposite, and effort to overcome strengthens that against which it strives. When you demand an experience of truth or reality, that very demand is born out of your discontent with what is and therefore the demand creates the opposite. And in the opposite there is what has been. So one must be free of this incessant demand, otherwise there will be no end to the corridor of duality. This means knowing yourself so completely that the mind is no longer seeking. — Krishnamurti, Freedom from the Known,113

The conspiracy, the Man, The Pinks, etc. LOVE duality. They love protests, they love revolutions and war because they get to play with their guns and stuff. They love overdosing musicians. It sells more records. They love middle-aged oxycontin overdoses and they love lack of Joy heart attacks. They love unhapiness because we think there is something wrong with it and want to medicate ourselves $$$. Revel in your unhappiness. Celebrate your unhappiness. Share it if you must but don’t medicate. You must enjoy every moment of pain cause you paid for it. When you stop enjoying the things you pay for well… there is no sense in going on. Just stop buying that crap. Defund it!

Nothing you can buy will give you slack. Nothing. But having money creates enough false slack that you might have a slightly better chance of bumping into true slack but usually you are too surrounded by crap to even see the true slack.

So to digress even further to the point that you won’t even remember Holly Wood’s original point, haha… When we are all sick of “it” we won’t buy “it” anymore. Not even at gunpoint. I see that Millennials are really sick of certain stuff and not buying it anymore, and the old corporations are scared shitless that their markets are drying up. I saw the same thing in the 70s the 80s and the 90s. Each time society responded. We are society, including fascists. There is no us and them. It’s an illusion. Smoke and mirrors. You can’t get a human to travel thousands of miles away and kill total strangers unless you create the illusion of division. We all instinctually know that the other person from the other tribe is a human. Every-time I hate on another, I hate on myself, and they teach you to hate on yourself first so you will be ready to hate on another “on cue”.

I am responsible for all the toxic shit on World but I am not guilty.

In other words, when Tove Lo be done wid it, she put it down for good or she will find her exit. Amen.

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