Discriminate Properly or Why Trump Won
Mateja Klaric

I got news for you. Staying focused on the issues at hand is not going to help us when we live in a fraud of a hologram. Beliefs are necessary to escape reality, and it’s reality that we must all face for anything to change. Learning in school is a form of hypnosis. Learning critical thinking by being taught critical thinking is an oxymoron.

Someone way smarter than me put it this way:

Ideology Prevents Action

The world is always close to catastrophe. But it seems to be closer now. Seeing this approaching catastrophe, most of us take shelter in idea. We think that this catastrophe, this crisis, can be solved by an ideology. Ideology is always an impediment to direct relationship, which prevents action. We want peace only as an idea, but not as an actuality. We want peace on the verbal level, which is only on the thinking level, though we proudly call it the intellectual level. But the word peace is not peace. Peace can only be when the confusion which you and another make ceases. We are attached to the world of ideas and not to peace. We search for new social and political patterns and not for peace; we are concerned with the reconciliation of effects and not in putting aside the cause of war. This search will bring only answers conditioned by the past. This conditioning is what we call knowledge, experience; and the new changing facts are translated, interpreted, according to this knowledge. So, there is conflict between what is and the experience that has been. The past, which is knowledge, must ever be in conflict with the fact, which is ever in the present. So, this will not solve the problem but will perpetuate the conditions that have created the problem.

J. Krishnamurti, The Book of Life

We neeed to live in the present. Let me give you an example if I might. When I go out to get in my car I must ask myself a few questions, right? Where am I going? Why am I going? How will I get there? Do I have my Wallet? Is my car shiny? Do I have my gun?

Most of these questions are already answered on an unconsious level before I even grab my keys.

Now if I am really awake I might pause and I might think about a few other things. How is the weather? Are my tires in good shape? Do I have enough gas? Do I have Bullets? Is anyone out there that wants me dead?

What If I am so in the moment that I ask a new set of questions NOT based on past experience, or learned behaviors like: Does this car pollute the air I breathe? Where does the gasoline come from? How does my driving impact the environment? Does the gas come from the Middle East? Am I suporting the war in Iraq/Afghanistan/Syria? Should I drive an electric car? Should I walk? Maybe I should live closer to where I work and buy food. Should I grow my own food? Maybe I should walk to the movies? Is it worth it to walk to the movies to see film that portrays violence against humanity? If I snort this cocaine am I a terrorist? (remember that one?)

As you can see, living in the moment and NOT in the past begins to heal the human and by association the world around the humans… and the more humans that begin to heal, the more mankind comes back into balance with the Earth and nature. Figuring it all out is not even a necessity. It will self correct. It might take a while and get a little ugly but it’s the only thing that will work and not end in WWIII. A total psychological revolution.

Fear and Greed Ego and Hate = booM