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I wish more people would speak out about the sexualizing of young people in fashion and other pop culture media. It is seriously disgusting at times and no one seems to notice. Juicy, Pink, etc. on 10 year olds. 8 year old pagent queens. The list goes on. Just stop it people. Gross. The other day I was at a SuperMarket and saw a litle girl dresed very inappropriately so I said to her, “Hi. Does you mother know you dress like that”. Her mother was standing right next to her and said, “Come on Honey, we don’t talk to strangers”. As she looked over her shoulder, her face showed disgust and fear. The Irony! Good luck trying to get your own kids to not wear makeup or get their ears pierced when they are 10, here in LA. You are considered an Oger or mean… Peer pressure? How about global corporate media pressure? Whew. Am I Wrong?

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