Trumpenstein: Creating a Media Monster
Dave Pell

You are what you eat and you are eating:


It is time to review JFK’s speach about secrecy and the job of the Press. The 4TH estate is dead and has been dead for decades. Any attempt to pretend that journalism is alive in it’s intended form is a lie. It has not been alive for many decades. This Republic has been subverted and restored many times, but acting as if we live in a Republic now, is a lie. We are all sick of the lies, (including the liars), and we do not even know what the truth is any more. We are just sick… it’s Wetiko, Malignant Egophrenia, and all the doctors are dead. Our only hope right now is the Millennials, and the aliens. The god Aliens.

Listen to JFK for a minute then remember that he was murdered, then drink Tequila and love your sig. other.

In the future you will pay to know what you really think.

They tried!
Our response after we made a deal with the BAD aleeeeens?
Scary no? You will probably never understand.