Ask yourself this simple question to have a more blissful 2017
Johnson Kee

Johnson Kee… Fantastic advice. Everyone could just try it! Results are immediate which gives it a chance in this instant gratification reality we have manufactured.

I do life experiments to test out radical theories like yours to see what impacts they have on my life. For instance in 1999 I decided to kill my TV. The result was astonishing. It was as if I was a heroin junkie that got clean and stayed clean. The process was almost exactly the same including the detox period, slipping back into “using” etc.

Bottom line? These life experiments are actual technologies that can reprogram your deepest DNA stored negative traits. They can give you super powers and the positive effects that come, if you can make it through the seeming negatives are worth more than anything one could ever imagine. Trust me folks and if you don’t then take the $1000 bet.

Here is the bet: After one year of refusing to watch any corporate Television style programming whether on TV, Cable or the Web via streaming, your Life and Hearts, Health and Minds will become illuminated and you will never willingly watch said drivel again, unless it’s the occasional Netflix bingewatching of a curated Film Quality TV program. I will pay anyone out there $1000 if they can honestly say “I want to watch 3 hours of TV a night again so I can forget my life and have it be replaced by NWO mind control.

BTW, even the HBO style super expensive film style TV programs are traumatizing and contributing to the group-think anti-humanity A.I. wetiko manifestations around us. IMHO

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