Noblesse Oblige?

Where are the Snowdens of yesteryear?

Did it ever exist?

Morality in power?

It certainly seems to have vanished of late!

Of course it existed, but not in the way it is defined above. The Royalty always had to appear generous from time to time to keep the masses from riot and revolt. Control is the moral obligation of the powerful not “acting with honor kindliness and generosity”, so please don’t ever think the appearance of generosity is sincere. Humans in power never act out of unconditional love. They “act” out of practicality. “Acting” is just that… the playing of a part based on “a script”.

Does Noblesse Oblige exist today?

Of course it does. It does not appear the way it used to. It does not manifest the way it used to. It’s not warm and fuzzy like it was in the 1950s when the world had just lost 100s of millions of souls in WWII. {clue}

Noblesse Oblige is the #1 tool of the powerful. It tunes the system of bourgoise slavery like a mechanic tunes a carburetor, like a nutritionist tunes a human body, like a trainer tunes an athlete, like a market maker fixes the price of a stock, like the Fed tunes the economy. It’s even used by advertisers who “target market” and drug dealers who give out free samples.

The Actors who “play” for the watchers. “All the world’s a stage” -Bacon

Why then does this tuned balance seemingly fail and result in the fall of civilization over and over again?

Well nothing is ever perfect is it, however, most of the time when it fails, it is a planned failure. The Royalty actually wants to start a war, famine or genocide. How can you tell? How can this be true? Tell me, do the Royalty ever die in these conflicts? Usually not. They never seem to be in the flight path of the bombers. They’re usually at their summer palace for most of the conflict, or at least well behind the front. You don’t notice this, mostly because you don’t even know who the real Royalty is, and remember… even the Royalty are expendable to those truely in power, “Those who shall not be named”.

The answer lies in the first paragraph. “Control is the moral obligation of the powerful” and sometimes they have to throw out the baby with the bathwater, to maintain control, or for some other nefarious motive. In other words, kill them all and let God sort them out. (think Stalin, 20M of his own).

By the way, just as the dictionary leaves out the true definition of “Noblesse Oblige” by not including the true motive of “why” Royalty “acts” with generosity, i.e. control, I will leave out the second hidden motivation, for the pre-meditated failure of the balanced state of affairs betwen the Royalty and the bourgoise.

Can you guess what it is?

“to protect and serve” WHO?

For a full fantastic fictional yet historical style fantasy book series, showing it all… the grand show of shows… the “Game of Thrones” as it were, I recommend starting with this:

Chaos rules!

“Fantasy is useful in preparing the mind for the God-Awful truth!”-PSM

For Extra points and my guess, the source for a major scene in what I think was “Last Argument of Kings”, read below.

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