My Trump Theory of Everything
Dave Pell

Oh Dave. You nailed it in one stroke. Brilliant.

Except that’s what they want you to think…

It’s a riddle wrapped in a conumdrum wrapped in an enigma coded by off-planet magicians who have no empathy, no emotions and live to be 30,000 years old.

Earth is just a cattle station and Hillary’s gang, which you so correctly identified as Bush’s gang and Obama’s gang… this gang doesn’t even know who it works for, but I can tell you this. Their name was “Fabian Socialists” and if they have their way, you and I and every dumbass on Earth will be a slave to the “New World Order.”

Let me ask you this… do you really want to give them more power?

Never get in Line Dave. It leads to the railyard.

Habeus Corpus my Ass. If you helped build this I hope you get Hemmorhoids.