10 Things That Will Help You Start Living A Surprisingly Fulfilling Life
Josiah Humphrey

Here is a super simple way to achieve instant and long lasting happiness… ready? Lower the bar, to your ankles. If you wake up and you are not in pain, you have some body fat, access to realitively fresh water, and some way to eat within the next 6 hours… you are a total success. Let me say it again… you are a total success. Anything else is Bull crap. Do not let them tell you that you are not a success. They are lying. They lie to make you feel bad so you will want their products, or join their army to kill others, so that you can supposedly achieve success. You are born a success. Being born is a success.

Also turn off your TV and Radio and most of the internet. Become militant about controlling external input… ESPECIALLY your own thoughts. YOU ARE NOT YOUR THOUGHTS and demons really do exist. Your thoughts are infected with external programming. I am programming you right now… but in a helpful way. Listen to me NOT them.


How do you know who to listen to? In the beginning of your new Hempies™ Life it is best to trust absolutely no one. I repeat trust no one.

Eventually you can use this: “You shall know them by their fruits.”

We do this as a race of people, beause we are guided by malevolent external forces of fear, greed, and confusion. We are not guilty of these atrocious acts but we sure as hell are responsible for making the choices that lead up to pushing the buttons.