The lie of cool.

Jazz is messy, but it looks so cool.

What started out as the antidote to the poison of fascism, racism and the other cisms… is now sold back to us as a straight jacket against creativity, social healing, family times, and love.

You can see it in other decades with other art movements that tried to show indifference to the brainwashing of the day by the Millintic™ (Military Industrial Politic) system.

Fuck you Nazis!

There were the Cubists, Dadaism, Surrealists, BauHaus, The Beats, The Hippies, the Punks, the Anarchists, Rappers, everybody trying to be cool, showing the public how to be non-reactive and not fall for the man’s BS…

But now that we are all gathered at the edge of the centuries “they” are trying to sell “just the cool” without the art, and it is destroying the last shreds of human behavior (empathy). Everything has been promoted to it’s “Nth” degree. (Think Justin Bieber or Lindsay Lohan). Desensitization and input burnout along with target marketing and A.I. mind control has seemingly won the battle for our souls. When was the last time you even thought about the word “SOUL”? They took out the “U” and replaced it with a “D”… SOLD!

Soul Brutha!

Everyone is acting so cool and it’s as if we are nearly frozen in rigor mortis. Zombies shambling along waiting for the next “Black Friday/Cyber Monday” sale. People in public places have a dead look in their eyes. It takes a total dumbass hick smile to even get a reaction and it’s not always another smile. It’s like the entire World has turned into Times Square without the street performers. I think people have shifted their social realities to an online space and are just out of practise doing the human thing.

Whenever they sell the movement back to the artists it’s devastating, and not just for the artists. True Slack is replaced by false slack.

Do you even know what Slack is? Of course not.

People now think that they have to be perfect, curated, know how everything is, understand all political realities, blah blah blah, and everything gets homogenized and Web 2.0-ized, with no emotions except the ones cued up by the soundtrack , where no meme is mis-understood. Speaking out about anything will get you canned, or caned, or possibly get your arm blown off.

Acting cool now seems to mean being kinda dead. Being cool looks exhausting. People are actually killing themselves over facebook posts. That’s laughable but not. How powerful are our phones?

Cool is just not cool right now. Cool is cruel. Babies should not be given IPADS!

Naomi — Sorry I had to use this image. You were sold out on youtube. Check back in a few years and I will give you a royalty check to cover your therapy.

So here is “my” advice that was given to me by BoB, the great and powerful:

Be uncool or else. Be unchill. Be free of it all for at least five minutes a day. Be a sub-genius.

Bob sez: We do as we are told… We are flesh robots running programs. All attempts at free will are an illusion. The occasional flash of reality is obscured during attempts to share said experience. The thinker thinks and the prover proves. Remember, the world was flat-until it wasn’t. We are prisoners of language, societal rules, and the construct of time. Reality is either an internal construct or an external construct or both or neither. North South East West. But have hope. That means that we can create any paradise we want right? There is no guilt, ONLY responsibility for this Dumpster Fire we call mankind. In that there is true freedom! Awake all you sinners. Slack off. Quit your job. Eat less. Help the poor. Have sex and laugh in the face of adversity. It’s all what you make it, and the only thing you truly own, is that teeny little room in your head that they can not program unless you give them the key. You know what I am talking about right?

Evee decides — V for Vendetta.

New Rules:

If they tell you to do something and you are not sure, and it’s not common sense, do the opposite. If they tell you to get in line, run. If it has no love and soul, DO NOT buy it, use it, eat it, watch it, listen to it or support it. Don’t even have sex with it. If it is not part of your Logos you are wasting time, at least until you are tired of your own Logos. Your Logos should fit the above rules. That way it will last.

This sentence is a lie.

Support local art! Buy organic food from a farmer. Love thy neighbor.

Listen to some Miles Davis right now! You’ll feel better eventually. You might get sick first. That’s just the detox! Keep listening until it makes great background music while you are plotting your escape.

Wipe with a weed NOT with a tree. sign up for NOW!