The Confusion Surrounding Hemp Oil and CBD Extract

Apr 8 · 3 min read
Hemp Oil and CBD Extract

While there is no shortage of people showering CBD with praise, there is great confusion and debate taking place on the sidelines. This is because of the difference between Hemp oil and CBD. In some quarters the names have multiple meanings and definitions. The confusion surrounding Hemp oil and CBD Extract is largely because both products are sometimes sold as ‘Hemp oil’.

CBD Extract (Cannabidiol)

Cannabidiol, as the label indicates is CBD. People call it CBD oil, CBD drops, CBD extract or Cannabidiol. CBD is an extract that comes from the flowers and leaves of the Hemp plant also known as Cannabis Sativa L. This plant is grown specifically for its high cannabinoid and low THC properties. However, it is important to note, CBD extract does not come from the seeds of the Hemp plant. No great surprises there, all fairly simple and straightforward.

Hemp Oil (CBD or Hemp Seed?)

When it comes to Hemp oil, that is a different matter altogether. You see, Hemp oil can mean different things to different people. Some people regard Hemp oil as CBD, while others are of the opinion that Hemp oil is actually Hemp seed oil. The pure Hemp seed oil products are made entirely from the seeds of the Hemp plant which only contains trace amounts of CBD.

To add to this confusion, some manufacturers label their CBD oil products as Hemp oil. In some cases, this is due to advertising platforms and payment providers prohibiting the use of the term ‘CBD’. In addition, some Hemp seed oil manufacturers label their products as Hemp oil. Presumably, this is merely to shorten the correct name of ‘Hemp seed oil’.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, there is further confusion. The combination of CBD oil with a base/carrier oil aids absorption. The 2 most popular base/carrier oils are Olive oil and Hemp seed oil. So, you could have a 5% CBD extract mixed in a Hemp seed oil carrier. This would be a perfectly legitimate Cannabidiol supplement i.e. a 5% CBD oil.

The best practice is to always check the label before purchasing. The genuine CBD oils will always display the amount/strength of Cannabidiol content in ‘%’ and ‘mg’. For example, 5% (500mg), 10% (1000mg), etc. Furthermore, CBD usually comes in small 10ml, 30ml or 50ml dropper bottles. It is also worth remembering that pure Hemp seed oil is sold in bigger 250ml, 500ml and 1-litre bottles. In addition, because Hemp seed oil contains only trace amounts of CBD, it is rarely, if ever, mentioned on the label.

You should now be in possession of all the facts regarding Hemp, CBD and carrier/base oils. Hopefully, this article has provided clarity and removed some of the confusion surrounding Hemp oil and CBD extract. This should allow you to proceed with confidence and make better-informed buying decisions.


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