Why This Radical Leftist is Disillusioned by Leftist Culture
Bailey Lamon

The Revolution is still ongoing. It’s contained in the Constitution, the Federalist Papers and Hamilton’s 1791 Report to Congress on Manufactures.

The goal: Extend and expand liberty. Take gerrymandering away from legislative bodies. Let the Census Bureau draw district lines based on population only; neither race nor party affiliation should be considered.

Assign senators to 100 districts throughout the United States. District lines can cross state lines as some state senators legislative districts cross county lines. These districts should be based on population alone. Likewise, let the Census Bureau draw senatorial districts using Census blocks and tracts.

Give the electoral college members of Washington DC full voting rights as senators and representatives like it were a state.

All these leads to the expansion of liberty to all citizens. This phase of the Revolution may be harder to fight than the first phase.

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