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What’s disturbing is that Flynn obviously had Russian contacts. Whether he intentionally or unintentionally leaked classified information to the Russians is a cause for concern. That he was fired/resigned, is good riddance. 
Trump’s criticism of the judiciary is disturbing. Obviously, he doesn’t care any more about the Constitution than do radical Islamists. Separation of powers and separation of church and state are apparently anathema to Trump. Radical Islamists share the same view. They would like to Islamize the Constitution, Trump would like the Christianize it. In either case, it would create a theocracy, which are notably bad governments.
Our Puritan forbearers argued for separation of powers based on Isaiah 33:22: “ For the Lord is our judge, the Lord is our lawgiver, the Lord is our king…. “ (KJV) From <
To the Puritans, only God could be all three. Trump is not God (god).
Roger Williams argued for separation of church and state arguing that the magistrate has no control over the soul and conscious of his subjects. We have the First Amendment that enshrines those values.
Trump wants nothing to do with either of these concepts, which our founders argued strongly for.
Trump’s fact world consists of nothing more than his beliefs. For example, a rigged election; that he won the popular vote, when it was the electoral college who erred. Per Federalist Paper 68, they are supposed to vote for the person with the majority of votes. Trump lost the election by nearly 3 million votes.