How to get a pinup look

The pinup girls or girls magazines and calendars marked a fashion style of the 40’s and 50’s in the United States. They were photographed in sensual and provocative attitudes, but never revealing but suggestive, and even smiling with innocence. Your look? Wavy hair, a lot of eye makeup, red lips, cleavage and tight dresses that mark the silhouette.

Today the pin up style has been reinvented as part of what is now known as vintage fashion or retro fashion. Katy Perry, Christina Aguilera and Dita Von Teese, for example, are some celebrities who have adopted the pin up style in their personal look.

Stylish hair

Remember these three characteristic elements of pin up hairstyles : soft curls at the tips of the hair, fringed type in the shape of a wave or very short Bettie Page style and look the hair of a single solid color without reflections or stained wicks. While curly is essential in this look, you can wear smooth hair, but try to be deep in color, such as black jet or dark red. One more tip? Wear loose hair and decorate with a flower or accessory that matches your dress.

Shocking eyes

Make-up can not be missed. In fact, the pin up style imposed a particular mode of eye makeup , surely you know it! It is an intense black outlined liquid that, at the upper edge of the eye, extends a little further out the outer corner, achieving a torn or “feline” look. It can be difficult to do it correctly the first few times but with some practice you will surely achieve it perfectly.

Shadow and Mask

The outline is the protagonist of pinup makeup , although let’s not forget the shadows and mascara to give more power to the look. Use shades of vanilla or champagne eyes all over the eyelid, then outline with slightly darker neutral tones and blunt them neatly. Then apply at least two layers of mask to lengthen and give more volume to your eyelashes so you should use a quality.

Cheer up sexy

The pin up style is very but very sexy, because it is characterized by the use of garments tight to the body and that mark the silhouette, especially the waist and the back. The female bust is also suggested through pronounced necklines. Let’s look at some of the sexy pin up girls.


The premise of the pinup look is to be sensual and provocative, but in a suggestive and somewhat naive way, so pinup dresses are often not too short. They extend toward the knee or just below it, and are quite close to the silhouette. What color is it? The proposal is quite broad, although red, green and black are among the most popular. Also the prints are very frequent in this style, mainly the classic printed to moles and the animal print.


If you have a pencil skirt or tube skirt in your wardrobe and you will have advanced a lot in your recreation of pin up look , because this is an infallible garment of this style. This type of skirt is very sexy, because when it is put on above the waist, it marks the bust, it creates the sensation of smaller waist and it models the buttocks, although it remembers that they are used until the knee. On the other hand, if you want to show your legs you also have another option: the pinup skirts , which are usually short and flying.


Well, we have reached the feet. Undoubtedly, stilettos are THE right choice to recreate the pin up look, and if they are stilettos … even better! This type of shoes is the finishing touch for a more stylized and sensual look; Can you imagine a pin up style of sneakers?

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