What’s The Wifi Password?

Minor Blog Post #2

One thing I was not used to before coming into the UK was life without a data plan on my phone. Granted, I did not want to purchase any kind of international set up so yeah. At first I was freaking out about just the thought of not being able to access the internet at any given time. Especially because the wifi in the flat is terrible, it freaked me out a little more. I felt as if I needed to prepare myself to be temporarily disconnected from the virtual world. Though, there is free available wifi almost everywhere around here…

However, I have come to the realization that not having such easy access to the internet is kinda sorta nice. I love leaving for the entire day and wandering about in London, not having to worry about the notifications on my phone. And then once I get home later that day I have the internet waiting for me ready to use.

This has helped me soak in all of the positive energy around me here in the UK. I pay attention to tiny details and catch myself smiling at the most random times. I remember one time specifically when we went to the local market, Waitrose, on the walk there I just started to tear up a little bit. I think I was just so happy to be spending my time here and learning more everyday.

Traveling the world is something I want to spend doing for as long as I live. And building up the courage to put my phone away for good reason gets me excited to see more and more. I will admit, I do pull it out every now and then to snap a photo of something super cool looking.

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