Awoken from a deep slumber.

Hello to you, the person taking the time to read this. I appreciate you immensely. For, without some humanity where would I be.

It’s been a while, sorry about that. I’m just trying to adjust to a new routine of mine. Work, Gym, Music, Sleep and everything in between.

After the American election there was so much emotion from the world not just America itself. Anger, disappointment, hate, happiness and a feeling of change. Is it for the better or worse? I’ll leave that one up to you. The same thing happened in Britain with Brexit it had a nation divided. My point is that never in recent history have I seen such strong political interest within people. I’m glad that interest has been generated but hope it’s for the right reasons, what ever they may be. I urge all to be politically active what ever your belief don’t let your representatives turn into a ruling class. Always challenge when necessary.

That being said I still have questions for humanities ever decreasing show of empathy to others. Myself included. Why is it that many of us (not all) become so conservative the more we grow? A good civilized conversation with a stranger on the train is now a rarity as they text away “smartly” on their smart phones. Where did the power of spoken language go? Lately I’m stuck in a battle with myself. I can feel myself changing and I’m not sure if I like it really. I feel as though my sense of empathy is decreasing. I think it’s an effect caused by the rationing of the time I have to think or question, which is making me think of humans as empty soul-less mannequins.

A long time ago I made a pact with myself, I either find love or I find money. The lack of “love” and the abundance of casual short lived relations in my life makes me want to lust for other things such as the concept of having more money and being in the public eye. This is making me become disconnected with the way I see humanity because all I ever wanted was true “love” to care for and to be cared for. As there’s a lack of it I’m changing, caring less. I hate it — I hate it — I hate it. I hope my music saves me. I haven’t yet lost all connection so maybe a bit of time off work and a self reflecting flight to another part of the world may help remedy my thoughts. The time is so hard to find but I’m determined to find it.

I close with this, I will never lose sympathy for the world but it’s my empathy that I’m losing the grip of. Realization = change. The mantra I made and live by.

Until next time, keep safe and keep lovin’.

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