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Banned connected world. Credits:

TL;DR No, banning apps does not safeguard our user data entirely. However, this opens doors to further examining our policies and taking a step ahead towards ensuring the Right to Privacy.

The Government of India recently banned 177 Chinese apps stating that these apps engaged in prejudicial activities to India’s sovereignty and integrity. It further goes on to mention that the

Apps were stealing and surreptitiously transmitting users’ data in an unauthorized manner to servers outside India.

A measure like this makes data privacy and security hot topics again. Understanding the claim requires evaluating two primary aspects stated

  1. “transmitting user’s data in an unauthorized…

Customer Support Illustration
Customer Support Illustration
Photo by Deepak Pal

TL; DR: A short case study about using customer journey, UX audit, jamming sessions to consolidate the right requirements to improve customer support.


Our company, TableCheck, is a restaurant industry startup based in Tokyo. We have two products; TableCheck, a B2C booking web app, and TableSolution, a B2B restaurant management web app. While we provide complete support for TableSolution, we can only provide limited support for TableCheck users as it is a lot dependent on the restaurant users are dining at.

P.S. Resource and budget constraints are real 😢

Problem Discovery

After the TableSolution website redesign release (check out the post here), we received an influx of inquiries. Now, I was spending time in analyzing the “type” of inquiries received. I would rather say absolutely confused to see TableCheck users funnel in through the pipeline meant purely for prospective TableSolution customers. Both products have different messaging, different use cases, different target users. …

Paper wireframes in different colors
Paper wireframes in different colors
Photo by Hal Gatewood on Unsplash

TL; DR: A short case study about the process of a 3x increase in monthly sales leads by redesigning the TableSolution website; Improving UX by unifying Japanese and English website branding and adopting best practices in SEO

Problem Discovery

Our company, TableCheck, is a restaurant industry startup based in Tokyo. We have two products; TableCheck, a B2C booking web app, and TableSolution, a B2B restaurant management web app. TableSolution is the most popular restaurant management system amongst the premium and Michelin star restaurants in Japan and our growth was always driven through personal referrals. So amongst different channels of growth, the website was something Japan teams never paid a lot of attention to. …

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Illustration by Freepik

TL; DR: An example-based approach to marketing-driven product growth beginning from understanding the customer journey, identifying the north star metric, deriving key performance indexes, and finally strategizing.

Discussion on growth roadmaps tends to venture into conversations about all sorts of (vanity) metrics, over-ambitious goals, and intangible work items leaving the meeting room clueless about the action items moving forward. After testifying such meetings myself, I realize it is exceptionally important to have a structured approach to form a solid growth strategy and follow it through. Let’s dive into it with the help of an example.

Problem Statement: We have just launched a food delivery app in a city with a certain number of restaurants, without the monetization. Early adopters have given positive feedback and are regularly placing orders using the app. This has helped the app to persevere. …

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An expression of thought

Despite depressing days and sleepless nights,

Why do I have to pretend to be alright?

Torn apart by the choices and decisions of life,

A lot of emotions and no fruitful strife…

Maybe it is just a phase but what if this is every phase?

With all the ambitions, has life only boiled down to a neverending chase?

Am I even evaluating this quest?

Or simply investing the soul and spirit to create a mess

Stop! Slow down! What is the hurry?

The timelines and race should never be your reason to worry

Shun those dilemmas and doubts,

Trust God and pick yours amongst all the beautiful scenic routes…

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Shinjuku, Tokyo — Busiest station in the world

Japan, the world’s third-largest economy with 125 million people, is often seen as a difficult country for business. Some cases like withdrawal of Tesco from Japan, restrictions on Uber and backlash faced by Airbnb bring in a hesitation when other companies plan to venture out in Japan market. While working at Japanese startups and coming across multiple business nuances, I have realized that the domestic SMBs share the same struggle of making the mark in their home country. This market gives a tough time to everyone!

But from an insider’s perspective, I can summarize the difficulties into four cardinal problems. …

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As a regular Medium user and a product enthusiast, I stopped by to analyze and share what I think of Medium’s Clap feature. These are purely my thoughts and they are completely open to discussion. So if you think I’m wrong, don’t hesitate to leave your thoughts in the comments.


Medium carefully translates the act of applause from the real world as it’s one of the major features. For any piece of an act, the audience will include the people ranging from the ones who loved the act to the people who barely enjoyed or disliked the act. Medium Clap captures this non-binary value of appreciation through its granularity. The reader can give zero to fifty claps to express the feeling towards the story. The clap button always sticks to the corner of the mobile screen or the side of the desktop screen which allows the readers or listeners to clap while reading. …

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I lived in India with my family for 21 years and later moved to Tokyo where I shared an apartment with a few colleagues for a year before finally moving in with myself :P August 19, 2018 marks the completion of the first rollercoaster year of living by myself. Here’s my takeaway from this year.


I learned so much about myself in a year, which I couldn’t in those 21 years. Living by myself made it possible for me to pay attention to myself. I am now much more aware of what makes me happy, what makes me grumpy, what makes me emotional, what motivates me, how I respond, how I make decisions etc. As a millennial, I was constantly looking out for acceptance and appreciation in the world which led me to chastise myself more than understanding myself. …

Mercari is a peer-to-peer flea market app aiming to speed up online buying and selling. It has created a lot buzz after the IPO in June 2018 and is now prioritizing overseas expansion. To understand how Japanese startups go global, I dug into Mercari’s strategy. The objective of this post is to share a few elements which Mercari can execute better.

1. Standardization v/s Localization balance

Setting out from its home country, Japan, Mercari has expanded to the US and UK. In Japan and in the US, Mercari charges a 10% commission from the transaction, however, in the UK, it remains free. …


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Making society a better place is the core of life, Ikigai Wearing many hats to see which fits. Product Manager :)

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