The Secret to Shape your Body and Mind

It was a new beginning. I used to have a light workout routine and running as part of my fitness schedule. This year i wanted to take things to level next. And so I joined a gym. On day 2 my fitness trainer made me do squats and he added a barbell to it. Shock spread through my body.

I had never imagined myself squatting with that kind of weight, resting on my shoulders. I used to think it’s what boys do. But I did it anyhow. Squat one, Squat two, Squat three and I thought, this is unbelievable.

The weight taught me a new thing. Woman, you got to get up. You got to lift. You got to stand up.

Everything in my life from then on got coloured in the hues of squats.

Whether it was an irritating situation at home or work or a disappointing date I thought there that’s a squat. Whenever it felt heavy, i knew i could lift. It may be tough but its here to define me.

So, whenever something heavy comes along, all i think is, Squat!

That’s what squats and weights are for me now. My Passion. My Meditation.

Originally published at on November 15, 2016.